Young Dems Seek People to Call Wisconsin Voters Tonight and Tomorrow

It’s the 11th hour in Wisconsin, and we need your help. Earlier this year, Tea Party Governor Scott Walker and his Republican legislature adopted anti-worker legislation that strips away fundamental rights for teachers and other public employees.

Over the past six months, many Young Democrats responded by taking part in historic demonstrations at the state capitol in Madison. Others assisted with gathering 150,000 signatures to recall Republican lawmakers who supported Governor Walker’s extreme agenda.

Bob Wirch must be the Democratic Party's candidate for State Senate in the Kenosha County State Senate Disict. Look closely and you will see he is endorsed by the International Association of Firefighters. Click to enlarge.

If you were waiting for the right moment to help out, it’s now. Tomorrow is Election Day in Wisconsin and we need volunteers from across the country to call voters and remind them to support Democrats in two key districts.

Help us call Wisconsin voters tonight and tomorrow

Thirty year-old State Senator Chris Larson (D), one of the members of the “Wisconsin 14” who left the state in an attempt to stop Governor Walker’s proposal, spoke at the YDA National Convention last month in Louisville. He asked our generation to stand as the last line of defense against Republican officials who have made it their mission to dismantle the middle class.

If Wirch is the Democrat, then Jonathan Steitz must be the Republican challenger. Both signs were on Highway C, which runs east-west along the southern edge of Wisconsin.

If you can spend just 60 minutes on the phone, it will make a huge difference. It’s easy to sign up. You will need to create a user name and password, and a call script will be provided for you.

Click here to call Wisconsin voters over the next 24 hours

One thing is clear. The struggle in Wisconsin has motivated young people across the country to take action. Let’s prove to the Republican establishment that their overreach has consequences. Thanks for your help.

On to victory,

Colmon Elridge
Executive Vice President
Young Democrats of America


Young Dems Seek People to Call Wisconsin Voters Tonight and Tomorrow — 2 Comments

  1. Are these the same people that put O in the whitehouse?The calls to be made should be to back Republicans and get this country back.

  2. Hey so-called “young democrats!”


    The Koch Brothers won!

    The Wisconsin Senate REMAINS IN REPUBLICAN HANDS. Too bad, so sad.


    What you discovered tonight, “young democrats” is that (1) the Republicans didn’t over reach. (2) that the consequences of being FLEEBAGGERS is that you abdicate any possible role in framing the debate. (3) You WON’T be able to recall Walker either.

    And 2 of your Fleebaggers face the voters next week in their own recall election.

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