Demonstration in Front of Don Manzullo’s Crystal Lake Office

Don Manzullo's Crystal Lake office is in this building at the corner of Route 14 and Woodstock Street across from the McHenry County Animal Control facility.

With the help of, Nunda Township resident Nancy Peterson organized a demonstration in front of 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo’s Route 14 and Woodstock Street office Wednesday at noon.

As of Sunday, when I wrote this story, thirty-five people had signed up for the event.

Look at the photos McHenry County Blogs intrepid camerawomen took and estimate the number of people who found time to attend.

“Jobs Not Cuts” was the wording on a small sign that several people were holding up so they could be seen by passing cars and trucks.

Round Lake resident Kim Kerby of the 120th District Progressive Democrats got signs out of his trunk.

“Tax the Rich” and “Hands Off My Social Security and Medicare” were signs former Education Association of Round Lake  President Kim Kirby unloaded from his car.  He said he was representing the 10th District Progressive Democrats.

Three generations of this family turned out on a beautiful day.

This grandmother and mother decided to bring the kids to see a bit of American democracy.

Patricia Martinez of Lake in the Hills made her own sign urging more jobs, not budget cuts.

“We need more jobs not cuts.  Good jobs now.”  That was the message of this Lake in the Hills woman.

Here's what the picketers looked like from Woodstock Street.

Above and below, you can see those carrying picket signs in from of Manzullo’s office from both the northwest and southeast.

The button on Kim Kirby's shirt mirrors his sign: "Tax the Rich."

Robert Vander Mier emphasizes the connection of financier George Soros to

Robert Vander Meir's sign says, "MoveOn is progressive. Progressive means SOCIALISM."

There was one counter protestor. His name was Robert Vander Meir and he’s an Algonquin resident.

He engaged in lively talk with some of the folks. He said that Stalin used the word “progressive” to mean “socialism.

Corporations came in for a hit in a sign in the photograph below.

"Corporations are not people" was the slogan on another sign.

Here’s another long short of the demonstrators:

Demonstration organizer Nancy Peterson can be seen wearing a "Dream" button.

An Asian-American held up another sign.

A pre-printed sign is held aloft by this woman.

“10 years of tax cuts. Where are the jobs?”

That’s the sign being held up by the woman seen below:

Here's another homemade sign protesting that tax cuts have not resulted in job creation.

Immigration seems to be the topic of the tee shirt in the center below. A translation in the comment section would be appreciated.

What's the message on the tee shirt? Click to enlarge.

Algonquin’s Robert Waddell, Algonquin Precinct 41 Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman, brought a “Restore…Rebuild” poster with small print between the two large words.

Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Robert Waddell is a regular on the demonstration circuit.

I first found Waddell at the Patriots United Health Care Town Hall Meeting at the Holiday Inn. The activist also attended the Woodstock rally in support of public union workers in Wisconsin.

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    You could confiscate all the assets of everyone having more than one million dollars and it would pay less than six months of the Government spending.

    The ONLY answer is reduce spending and cut the deficits.

  2. It would seem pretty racist to point out the one person who appears to have some Asian heritage and not comment on the racial profile of others or are you from the WW2 generation and still consider them all slants?

  3. To point out the obvious, I believe…

    To say tax cuts haven’t helped Americans get back to work without the facts to back this up I am forced to say there is a great deal of actual evidence spending hasn’t either. Both the tax cuts and the spending have served to diminish this country and her middle class, which is the very strength of our nation and the envy of others. Get government out of the way and allow The People the opportunity to thrive on their own.

    If corporations cannot be afforded simple legal protections under The Law and The People cannot be afforded simple protections under The Constitution then we have become a nation without any protections save for brute power. If some corporations wield this power immorally then move to make certain the government is a counterweight to the amorality of corporations rather than a wholly owned subsidiary. Without EQUAL protection under a consistent law we are all no better than animals.

    Don Manzullo has actually brought very interested international companies to his district(a certain German company comes to mind). Through his influence he has tried to create jobs in his district for years. The German company was very close to signing a deal and buying land to come produce goods here, bringing wonderful middle class jobs with them, and the State of Illinois decided it would be a perfect time to raise taxes. When an international company has a choice of anywhere in the world to produce they will go where they are welcomed with a business friendly environment, not a place which punishes them for producing. Why protest at Don’s office? He is actually trying to fight for The People.

    Saying George Soros is behind every tree in every demonstration in America is as silly as saying the Koch brothers are behind the same trees. Please realize the saddest part of all of this is how few people on both sides are demonstrating against the inequity our government is promoting in our society through their unending meddling in people’s lives and business.

    The only way a few people can overwhelm the opinion of The People is through the apathy of The People…. And the politicians who stand up for The People like Don Manzullo are few and far between these days. Why demonstrate at this man’s office when Mike Madigan has been hurting this state while enriching himself for decades. Why demonstrate in front of Don’s office while school boards are giving away the education funds of our children to unions and administration rather than the teachers and the children. These are profoundly more relevant than demonstrating in front of Don Manzullo’s office. THIS may be why there is apathy. is as irrelevant and wrong as many tea party groups who spout off slogans without any factual basis or real impact. I long for the days of The People’s relevancy. I fear this demonstration is one more example of a group bought and paid for by corruption and populated by beautiful well intentioned people who are duped.

  4. Justin I realize facts and reality aren’t strong suits of most teabaglicans but your claim is just flat out wrong. The top 1% of the nation controls nearly 1/2 of the money.

  5. ALSO the top 1% pays most the taxes. I am NOT against increasing the tax table but STRONGLY favor a FLAT tax. Better yet do as the major think tanks have suggested and eliminate the payroll tax and replace it with a national SALES TAX. It generates more money but the welfare mongers say Repressive and UNFAIR TO POOR PEOPLE

  6. Wow you really aren’t good with math. There is ZERO ways a flat tax can be done where anyone but millionaires and billionaires benefit. I realize being a teabaglican requires supporting sodomizing the middle class wherever possible, but America has rejected the economic terrorism of the Teabaglican party.

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