Obama for America – Del Webb Organization Meeting at Huntley Park District Thursday Night

This "Dream" button was found at the MoveOn.org rally against Congressman Don Manzullo.

At the MoveOn.Org demonstration in front of Congressman Don Manzullo’s Route 14 office, McHenry County Blog’s intrepid reporter/camera woman was informed of a meeting being held at the Huntley Park District Thursday night at 7.

I called to discover the sponsor and was told that Obama for America had reserved the room.

So, if you intend to attend the Grafton Township Board meeting at the same location at 7:30, you can come a bit early and see the beginning of President Barack Obama’s campaign in Del Webb.

The following “Contract for the American Dream” was provided at the rally against Manzullo:

Click to enlarge.


Obama for America – Del Webb Organization Meeting at Huntley Park District Thursday Night — 3 Comments

  1. Why would anyone want to hear anymore about this non leader who is ruining our country. I hope they are not going to propose a mosque in Mc henry county.

  2. “I have a dream” too. It doesn’t include our current president.

    It doesn’t include anymore “apology tours”.

    It doesn’t include a president who never stops campaigning and fund raising.

    It doesn’t include turning this country into a communist country.

    It does include hope and change – hope that he isn’t reelected and change in the way the country is being run. I have no interest in a president who makes it clear he will not enforce laws and who seems to think he is a king or a dictator.

    So, folks can battle over our current president and my opinions. Frankly, I don’t think he can run on his records. I think that Obamacare will be abominable. Anyone who thinks it made sense to sign that – without knowing was in it, is not my idea of a leader. It is a sign of a sneaky person though. No one I know would tell their child to sing any contract they didn’t read first. Therefore this current president isn’t my “daddy” and I’m tired of him lecturing us.

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