Almost 50 from Sun City Meet in Huntley to Support Barack Obama’s Re-Election

Sun City Obama for America President Jessica Chipkin (wearing the cap) led Thursday night's meeting in Huntley. McHenry County OFA leadder Dr. Kathsuri Henry can be seen to her left.

McHenry County Blog let folks know that Sun City residents were meeting at the Huntley Park District building in support of the re-election of Barack Obama.

Leader Jessica Chipkin said the attendance was so good that she would be able to add about 20 more to her email list of 84 Obama supporters.

Dr. Katsuri Henry, the leader of the McHenry County Obama for America group was also present. Discussion of cross-pollination through joint meetings between the two organizations was discussed.

The meeting began with people introducing themselves and telling why they were there.

A snow bird named Sarah told of working 12 hour days out of her Florida garage for 35 days before the 2008 election.

“I’m tired of yelling at the TV,” a volunteer named Judy said.

A man related a racist joke about President he said was told by a Sun City Tea Party member.

Another man said he was interested in ideas and that was why he was there.

Bob Waddell, an Algonquin Democratic Party precinct committeeman who said he worked three precincts, said he was “looking to expand our base.”

Waddell alerted the intrepid assistant who took photos of the demonstration in front of Congressman Don Manzullo’s Crystal Lake office yesterday, to the Huntley meeting.

“What the Republicans have done has scared me to death,” another woman said.

Dr. Bill Peters, a former private higher education lobbyist, encouraged people to attend the Sun City Current Events Club meetings.

Dr. Bill Peters, a retired lobbies for private higher education and ACLU member, said he was not going to be intimidated. He was sitting next to me and he added, “not that I have ever been intimidated.”

Later he encouraged Sun City residents to attend the Current Events Club. He said that people “sit by affiliations,” observing there were actually more in the center than on the conservative side of the room.

A lady said she had plugged into MSNBC and she and her husband had “become junkies.”

The man in blue identified himself and his wife as retired teachers. He said he organizaed an IEA local in his school district.

A couple said they retired school teachers.  The man said he had organized an Illinois Education Association local in his school district and worked on getting out the vote in Arizona in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ district.

“I’m really sick of hearing about elections,” a man confessed.

A nearby man said,

“I’m a supporter of President Obama (but) I want to make him better.”

“I’m just amazed at the number of people here,” a Sun City woman explained. “I thought there might be 7 or 8 people here.”

At this point leader Jessica Chipkin observed that the interview which was i the Sun City insert had resulted in three calls and at least one person she talked to was in the room.

“All the years we’ve been canvassing, we’ve though we’ve been isolated,” precinct committeeman (he called himself a “precinct representative”) Waddell said. The clear implication, backed up by Obama’s having carried McHenry County over John McCain in 2008, was that there were more Democrats than people generally thought.

Sun City Moderator

“Joe’s going to be facing a permanent vacation,” a man predicted after mentioning the child support publicity that Congressman Joe Walsh received recently.

A man I recognized from moderating Sun City candidates’ nights said that he was county chairman for Lyndon Johnson in Michigan before he moved to Illinois.

Mike Henry tells of working up courage to wear his Obama cap to the McHenry County Fair this year. To his left is McHenry County Obama for America leader Dr. Kathsuri Henry, Algonquin Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Bob Waddell and Sun City Obama leader Jessica Chipkin. Behind Dr. Hnery is Dr. William Peters.

Mike Henry was wearing an Obama hat which he said he had worn only two days after the 2008 election because he caught so much flak.

This year, he wore it to the McHenry County Fair.


Almost 50 from Sun City Meet in Huntley to Support Barack Obama’s Re-Election — 16 Comments

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that people who willingly moved to a ‘controlled complex’ believe in the Utopian progressive baloney.

  2. You can leave the 1960’s, but sometimes the 1960’s can’t leave you!

  3. Why the McHenry Dems use the term “precinct representative” rather than “precinct committeeman” — in our search for a way to get to a gender-neutral term that also sounds good, we came up with “precinct representative” or, in short, precinct rep. It is an improvement on a number of counts.

    Most important is the shift in thinking — “precinct committeeman” are words expressing status within the organization, “precinct representative” describes the function of the person within the organization.

    And I for one could never get used to the term “precinct committeeperson” — that certainly doesn’t trip easily off the tongue.

  4. Where were the new Obama slogan signs ?
    Recycle the 2008 Hope & Change just tape on the ending..”LESS”

    HOPE le$$
    CHANGE le$$

  5. Cindy…Interesting observation that “It doesn’t surprise me that people who willingly moved to a ‘controlled complex’ believe in the Utopian progressive baloney.” The largest political group in Sun City Huntley is the Tea Party with about 300 members. Also, the voting in Sun City is largely for the Republican Party. Most people at the meeting thought they were the only progressives on their block. I guess that Utopian Progressive Baloney must be just what the Tea Party strives to achieve.

  6. Since Democrats control the Illinois General Assembly, I wonder why McHenry County Democrats ask for a change in state law.

    Easy enough when you control everything and even a Democrat from McHenry County in the Illinois House.

  7. It should not be a surprise that this group is organizing and linked to the Obama Re-election committee. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. One of the things however that I have noticed (especiallly at the Current Events Meetings) is that most Liberals tend to use amorphous comments such as “experts agree” or “history shows” but when you aske them to point to a SPECIFIC article quoting the experts they are speechless. I would hope that if this group wants to express their opinions here in McHenry County that they will discuss specific issues and facts as oppose to using Obama’s style of amorphous, disengenuous, blaming rhetoric. If not we will have to hold them accountable.

    Let the debate on the Countries Future Begin. As for me and my fellow Tea Partiers, we are seeking (Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and a Strong National Defense – not Offense). If they choose to debate us on issues (objectively) we would welcome the opportunity.

  8. “A man related a racist joke about President he said was told by a Sun City Tea Party member.”

    Yeah. Right. Sure.

    Another man tole me: “An Obama for America supporter told me I couldn’t vote in Philly in 2008. Because whites were not allowed to vote at that precinct. Since he and his friend were wear New Black Panther Party uniforms. and carried clubs, I was unable to vote.”

    The former, attributed to a “tea party member” bu an Obama supporter is almost certainly leftwing nonsense. The latter is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

    And then Obama’s Attorney General null-processed the case because the NBPP were “his people.”

    The bitter hypocritical partisan folderol expressed in the comments made by these people will make me redouble my efforts that Obama is a one term President.

    And if I were a representative in the House, I would have already submitted a resolution to impeach Obama.

  9. Quite the opposite Jim, in fact the economic terrorism espoused by the teabaglican party is a large part of the problem with society.

    Oh and “J” just as if you were in the house you would have filed a resolution to impeach Obama, if I was unfortunate enough to have you in office I would have recalled your ass a LONG time ago. Its bad enough having a known corporate whore like Manzero in office, let alone someone stupid enough to feel that Obama is deserving of impeachment.

  10. It sounds like we’re scaring some people. Congradulations to Kasthuri Henry, and the others who organized such a well attended meeting of Organizing for America in the Heart of a Republican Stronghold.

    Obama won McHenry County in 2008, and with all the anti-social security/ medicare/ working class that the Tea Party Republicans like Congressmen Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren have been pushing non-stop, instead of working to bring jobs to our economy, I think we’re looking at a repeat in 2012.

  11. I really thought that the majority of people in Sun City were intelligent. Now seeing that they want to reelect a nonleader to a second term so he can complete is plan of ruining this country I am not so sure. The only thing he has done since he took office was to run for a second term. Wake up people you are losing the country that has allowed you to live as good as you have been.

  12. Those Sun City people are scary…most probably suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. How unfortunate, maybe they will forget to vote.

  13. Zachary Cordane: “I would have recalled your ass a LONG time ago.” Ah, nope. There is no provision in the Constitution for *you* to recall anyone. But I appreciate the thought, stupid though it was.

    The list if impeachable offenses to be charged against Obama is bribery, conversion of government funds and property, illegal campaign contributions, illegal deployment of the US armed forces in Libya, illegal usurpation of bankruptcy law in GM and Chrysler. and the deprivation of monies due them as bond holders.

    In addition there is obstruction of justice in firing of Gerald Walpin to protect Obama fundraiser and friend Kevin Johnson from prosecution for appropriating AmeriCorps funds for his personal use.

    Obstruction of justice in dropping previously mentioned case of dismissing an already won case against the New Black Panther Party case I already referred to.

    Conversion of government property and funds for personal use, specifically the use of Air Force 1 for a NYC “date night.” Repeated un-repaid use of AF1 for political purposes. Un-repaid use of AF1 (the B747) for the personal vacation of his wife and friends for a vacation in Spain and South Africa.

    Illegally using the White House for fundraising (shooting the “dinner with the pres and vp commercial), an “in-kind” campaign contribution.

    The illegal hiring of certain “czars” in the executive branch, bypassing required Senate confirmation.

    Willful disobedience of court orders to open up oil leasing in the gulf. Failure to act in a prompt manner to the oil spill, resulting in billions lost to the economy of the region – plus the well advanced suspicion that his actions were deliberate attacks against the “red” states that were affected. Similarly, his refusal to provide prompt disaster relief for Texas after their summer of wildfires, delayed federal assistance for AZ in their fires, refusal of help during 2010’s flooding of Nashville and much of Tennessee. All because they were red states.

    As for you, Mr. “Cordane”, you are what is known as a practitioner of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals.” I have no idea if the posturing you exhibit here (and in other articles) is real or for “show,” but being a loudmouthed bully repeating the vitriolic hatred of the DNC spin meisters isn’t going to cut any mustard.

    No amount of bluster is going to paper over the fact that Obama is an anti-American Socialist bent on remaking America into a Socialist/Communist state. Reality will triumph in the end, and the propaganda lies of the Obama supporters will fail.

  14. The list is almost quite complete. and OFA – both America hater George Soros’ funded groups.

    The aclu represented and of course teacher unions.

    Doesn’t it scare any of those obama supporters where obama’s support and money comes from?

    The socialist/progressive democratic party is led by a mistake conservatives hope to correct soon.

    As a Huntley/Sun City resident, I resent the remark that we’re all senile.

    Fact is, many of us want LESS government, controlled spending. less bailouts and fixes in THIS country.

    I could care less about pakistan, the mid east and all the cesspools we pour money into. STOP foreigh aide and invest in America. i.e. Soc. Sec. , our vets, homeless and our infrastructure and close the damned border. Why obama would sue states who are enforcing a federal law he refuses to enforce is enough to impeach the deadbeat.

  15. Wow. I just read a few of the comments from our Republican friends.

    Are they always this nasty and hateful?

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