Anatomy of the Special Prosecutor’s Lou Bianchi Case for May, 2011

McHenry County Blog today presents the May, 2011, bills from Quest International.

Special Prosecutors Thomas McQueen and Henry Tonigan, plus Quest International investigator Robert Scigalski appear at a press conference to announce the second indictment of Lou Bianchi. Photo by First Electric Newspaper.

As the prosecution awaits the second trial of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, investigator Robert Scigalski isn’t given a lot of work to do. Just 9.5 hours are billed, totaling $1,282.50. Although mentioned, Quest investigator Patrick Hanretty bills nothing.

Unlike sometimes previously, Scigalski does not bill $70 an hour for travel, but, instead, bills the investigatory rate of $135 per hour for travel.

The details follow:

5-5-11 7.25 hours – Per instructions of McQueen, prepare ordered discovery material involving reviewing all docs, copying, copying data disks and reporting results.

5-25-11 1.25 hours – Travel to Tonigan’s office as requested by McQueen for 3:30 meeting and return

5-26-11 0.75 hours – Review and provide documents to McQueen as instructed/ locate, copy send copies of Right to Live Victory PAC [sic] to McQueen/ review copies of docs sent by Weyna to Haretty for quality determination.

5-31-11 0.25 hours – Call from McQueen re info on Salvi investigation and call to and from Hanretty re interview results.

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