Anatomy of the Special Prosecutor’s Lou Bianchi Case for June, 2011

There was more money billed the Special Prosecutors of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi in June than in May.

Submitted to Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen was an invoice for $9,091.65. That includes hourly billing at $135 per hour, plus mileage.

Robert Scigalski, Pat Hanretty, Dan Jerger and Gerald Theis had billable hours. Although at times Scigalski has billed $70 per hour for travel, in June he billed $135 per hour.

Here are the details for Scigalski:

6-21-11 1 hour – Review judges order and contact with Agents Hanretty, Reilly, Their, O’Connell, Jerger

6-23-11 3 hours – Meeting at Tonigan’s office with McQueen & Flosi to prepare for hearing before Jdg McGraw.

Winnebago County Courthouse

6-24-11 7.25 hours – Pre-hearing meeting & review at Tonigan’s office w/ McQueen, Jerger & Flosi & travel to Rockford/ attend hearing & return.

Billing by Pat Hanretty:

6-24-11 7.5 hours – Pre hearing conference at Wynstone, Appearance at Discovering Hearing in Rockford, IL.

Billing by Dan Jerger:

6-22-11 1 hour – Per request of McQueen, prepared materials for discover and emailed to Tom McQueen. Performed imaging for preservation.

6-24-11 8 hours – Prepared, and traveled to 102 South Wynstone, Park Drive, Suite 100, North Barrington, IL 60010. Met with Tom McQueen. Traveled to and returned from Rockford courthouse. Appeared at hearing. Continued imaging for preservation.

6-25-11 5 hours – Forensically imaged systems for preservation.

6-26-11 1.5 hours – Forensically imaged systems for preservation.

6-28-11 2 hours – Forensically imaged systems for preservation.

6-29-11 2 hours – Forensically imaged systems for preservation.

Billing by Gerald C. Theis:

6-24-11 5.5 hours – Travel to Rockford to attend heading and return.

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