McHenry Township Republicans Raise Money

The McHenry Moose was the site of the McHenry Township Republican Pig Roast.

Saturday afternoon, McHenry Township Republicans gathered at the McHenry Moose for a pig roast and to hear candidates make their pitches.

McHenry County Blog prevailed upon attendee Becky Kress to share her photos.

Barb Wheeler presents her request for support.

McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler, who has announced her intentions to run for State Representative in the 64th District whose southern tip is my precinct in Crystal Lake and Lakewood and goes north to Antioch, was one of the speakers.

Congressman Joe Walsh makes his pitch, while Crystal Lake's Bryan Javor and band member Tim Stewart listen.

8th District Congressman Joe Walsh made a pitch for re-election, even though he doesn’t know who his potential future constituents will be. (He made a second appearance in Aurora at State Senator Chris Lauzen’s Porky Picnic later in the day. Lauzen announced he would give up his Senate seat to run for Kane County Board Chairman.)

Joe Walsh mixed with those in attendance as well as speaking. The women to his immediate left as Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Trustee Cheryl Hammerand. On the right is Barbara Klasen, Greenwood Township Supervisor.

A photo of State Senator Dan Duffy was captured.

State Senator Dan Duffy talks to Barb Wheeler and her husband Joe.

Steven Rooney, recently elected to the Johnsburg School Board is caught with a John O’Neill for County Board tee shirt.

Johnsburg School Board member Steve Rooney

McHenry County Board members Tina Hill and Mary Donner were seen chatting at one table.

Tina Hill and Mary Donner sat at the same table.

The star of the day may have been the pig.

The roasted pig seemed to have no opinion regarding the candidates.

State Senator Dan Duffy got a turn at the microphone.

Dan Duffy speaks.

Both State Senator Pam Althoff and State Rep. Mike Tryon were enjoying the roast pig.

Pam Althoff and Mike Tryon confer. Greenwood Township Supervisor Barbara Klasen (standing) talks to MaryDonner in the center. Kathy Kutcha is on the right.

Newly-appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney spoke to the gathering, but the photo with his son was really fuzzy.

Kent Gaffney (on the right) attends to some paperwork, as does McHenry Township Road Commissioner Leon Van Every.

The event had at least one McHenry Alderman in attendance–Andy Glab.

Pam Althoff converses with Helen and Andy Glab.

Tina Hill posed with McHenry Township GOP work horse Kathy Kuchta.

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer was campaigning for re-election.

Former McHenry County Auditor and GOP Chairman and his wife Carrie are greeting by current Auditor Pam Palmer.

There were many others at the successful fund raiser.

McHenry Township Clerk Bruce Novak chows down.

A two-elected official family, McHenry County Board member John Hammerand and Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Board member Cheryl (seen with Joe Walsh above) were enjoying themselves.

John Hammerand has a discussion with Jim Kelly.


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