The Letter Firing McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman

Not a lot of information in what shows in the letter firing McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman, but click on the two images and see what you make out.

Some have speculated that Milliman will file a wrongful termination suit similar for former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler, as well as seeking reinstatement through the process outlined in the contract deputies have with the Sheriff’s Department

If it is like the Federal suit Seipler filed, the county taxpayers’ exposure is $100,000.

After that has been paid, if the arrangement is the same as with Seipler’s suit, the county’s risk management agency picks up everything over that.


The Letter Firing McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman — 11 Comments

  1. My question, and a question that needs to be raised is this. Did Sheriff Nygren fire Deputy Milliman, or did he bring charges against him, file with Merit Commission, a hearing was done, and they terminated him. Illinois law 55ILCS 5/3-8013 states Sheriff can suspend for up to 30 calander days per 12 month period. Additionally 55ILCS 5/3-8014, no certified member (those hired by Merit Commission) can be terminated, suspended or demoted without just cause, and charges filed with the Commission by the Sheriff. It also states that the States Attorney can only represent either the Commission OR the Sheriff, but not both.

    I’m wondering, did the FOP in their infinite wisdom, bargin away the Commission form of hearings and give sole authority to the Sheriff and then can be reviewed by an arbitrator via grievance? If they did they were not real smart.

  2. I might add the last time the Commission met was in June, with the July meeting and August 10th (one day before the letter) were both cancelled with not reschedule. the June meeting has an Executive Session but no mention of Discipline Hearing or Action on Executive Session.

  3. The Merit Commission is rigged.

    Following the union grievance process and going to arbitration over a termination is the only fair way to obtain reinstatement.

    Dep. Schlenkert was fired, did not have the arbitrator option and his fate was decided by Nygren’s Merit Commission.

    (When I say NYGREN’S MERIT COMMISSION that’s what I mean. Find the names of the commissioners and check the State Board of Election website to see the very large campaign donations that these people have made to the good Sheriff.)

    Schlenkert challenged the Merit Commission’s decision in Circuit Court and won.

    Then Nygren appealed to the Appellate Court where Schlenkert won again.

    Schlenkert had to go into Appellate Court with that decision being the tie breaker.

    I took the arbitrator option and I get to go into the Appellate Court having won every decision. It’s better going in 2-0 haven beaten Nygren every time than risking anything on a Merit Commission that is owned by Nygren.

    Nygren will always appeal. It’s not his money so what does he care?

    Nygren is not going to win this matter concerning Milliman. He waste our time and our money fending off the inevitable.

    If he had an ounce of civil concern he would retire and end this nonsense.

    He is a relic from a time that needs to be eradicated from the future memory of McHenry County.

  4. And Schmidt… have to stop delivering this stuff. The only reason you are not named in my lawsuit is because we were once friends. You are a big part of the problem. Going to our doors, in front of our families, being part of the intimidation factor, you need to open your eyes and realize you have responsibilities and accountability. When Nygren is gone you are going to have some answering to do.

    (Schmidt is the signature above Nygren’s. Nygren finds it appropriate to send supervisors to deputies houses to charge them with violations, serve them with termination notices or just to scare little children. He kind of adopted that policy with me and I see it has carried over to Milliman.)

  5. I meant under Nygren’s signature. I have to immediately correct myself. Nygren’s cronies tend to go nuts over little insignificant errors when commenting.

    You know what I just realized? When Scott files his lawsuits and opts for arbitration I will most likely be brought in to testify and be deposed.

    This is going to be so much fun 🙂

  6. Maybe the law needs to be changed to mirror municipal Police and Fire Commission Act. Why even have a Commission anyway? Doesn’t matter what you score, Sheriffs can pick who they hire or promote off list. As long as you’re on the list. If that’s fair and impartial…. but it’s legal according to the law.

  7. Hmmm….Where to start?

    First whenever I hear Zane talk about “winning” every decision while he blogs from home not having worked for years I can’t help picture a very confused Charlie Sheen saying “winning”. Zane, the law can be manipulated in many ways and you may very well end up working at the Sheriff’s department again some day. However, remember you will still be remembered as a guy who apparently signed a document stating the passenger of a vehicle was driving when you pulled the car over. Also appears you may end up being remembered as the guy who swore in federal court that you did not write or have any knowledge of a blog that was written on your computer. Testifying in court in the future may not be as fun as you think it may be.

  8. Also, criticizing an Officer for serving papers? Really? On a daily basis men and women in law enforcement go out into often emotional situations and delver papers and notices to one side or another is some case. You should know they don’t get to choose sides in these cases and deliver just the summons, papers, notices, warrants, etc… they choose to. Grow up a little sometimes the tantrum looks a bit sillier than others.

  9. ButSeriously: If you’re gonna charge the guy and fire him in one motion, don’t you think he could should do it face to face, in his office, or if he didn’t have the time to, have the Undersheriff do his dirty work for him, instead of having a road supervisor do it. Heck, the guy who served him shouldn’t even be a Sgt, per EEO Seith.

    As for Mr Seipler cowtowing the win/loss streak, although he might be taking a little personal liberty in delivery, he is stating fact.

    As for the ticket issue. I would hope everybody moves on, especially if the Appeals Court rules in his favor, it would be done. My question is with all the outcry about the Special Prosocuter in State v. Bianchi, what about “special prosecter” that the Sheriff went and got in Mr Sotos’ firm. As I stated above the statute is quite clear that the States Attorney serves as Sheriff’s lawyer, unless it serves the Commission in specific discipline hearing. How much is Mr Sotos costing us as taxpayers?????

    Dep Schlenkert was fired by Merit Commission, requested Admin Review in Circut Court-WON, to which Sheriff Nygren Appealed and LOST (win #2 Schlenkert) Seipler fired by Sheriff Filed Arbitration WON Sheriff Appealed to Circut Court LOST (Win #2 Seipler) and now Appealed to Appeals Court Dist #2. What doesn’t matter is, Seipler up 2-0 and all it takes is for Appeals Court to say Sheriff was right and he loses.

  10. Zane, thanks for identifying Deputy #1235 as Sgt. Schmidt. Allowing employees to scrawl their names illegibly on official documents and hiding behind a number is the worst type of management. It seems to occur in EVERY department in the County. I have never seen one officer’s signature or one deputy’s signature that could be read.

    If departments are going to allow that, then they should post the badge numbers and first names, middle initials and last names of the employees with the numbers!

  11. Thanks to “Frmr Commisioner” for mentioning the June 15th Merit Commission meeting. I suspect that the Merit Commission violated the Open Meetings Act. Since the June 8th meeting was not “canceled/re-scheduled”, the June 15th meeting became a Special Meeting, but it is not marked as such on the Agenda or the Calendar.

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