Toll Tax Hike Hearing at Huntley Village Hall at 7

For the 2002 toll tax hike hearing in Waukegan, I brought this Marengo piglet and asked board members not to be toll tax hogs.

Tonight’s the night for you to compete with those who will benefit financially from hiking your toll taxes by 88%.

Don’t know if I’ll get a chance to talk, but, if I do, I certainly will point out that an 88% toll tax hike on top of Governor Pat Quinn’s 67% income tax hike demonstrates too well the Democrats are the party of higher taxes.

I shall ask why the Tollway Board has

  • made no effort to capture the State Motor Fuel Taxes and
  • made no effort to capture Federal highway aid that comes to Illinois as a result of the Interstate highways operated by the Illinois Toll Highway Authority.

The result of not seeking this money means that 45% or less ends up in the six county area, where most of the tolls are paid.

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