Lakewood Trustee Ken Santowski Wakens from Summer Siesta and Reports to Constituents – 1st July Meeting

My fellow residents:

Sorry I have been away so long. Tom Hanks asked me to go for a plane ride and we all know what happened next. Can you say “Wilson”? Since I have not spoken to you for the last 3 board meetings (the gag order has been lifted) (just kidding) I hope to give you enough information to keep you informed but not bore you.

The first meeting in July was more on discussions than actions. The 1st Lakewood Market festival seemed to be going in the right direction with the committee asking for a small amount of money (up to $3,000) to use for “necessities”. We as a board encouraged them to spend the money wisely and hopefully enough businesses will attend so we can lower that amount significantly. More to come on the 1st Lakewood Market Festival later.

Ken Santowski prays for a new Redtail Clubhouse. (Just kidding. There is a companion photo of Cal Sklnner praying that the Village Board will not use property tax dollars as a back-up for financing as it did when the golf course was purchased.)

We also discussed the covenants regarding Redtail and the likeliness of building a clubhouse there anytime soon.

As everyone knows I want to grab a shovel, some bricks and a 2×4 and start building it now.

The consensus of the board seemed otherwise. So I went to the tribunal council and asked for immunity.

All I got was some potential remodeling of the current structures over the off season and wait for a clubhouse until a “later date in time” when the economy was better.

I tried to remind them that the water tower, bike path and road construction program all were built with considerable cost savings because construction people were hungry. (In fact I recently gave a carpenter a sandwich)

Why not see what we can get for our money?

Just once I would like to spend some money on something that will “actually” give us a return on our investment.

Backyard storm damage in a back yard on gate 22 between Sunset and Huntley Road.

We had update reports on the storm damage and power outage problems.

While most people wanted to know why it took so long; many understood that this was an enormous undertaking that ComED has never seen before.

Makes us thankful for all the times we do have electricity.

We then voted to go into executive session to talk about ………… almost got me, eh?

Ken Santowski

Continued tomorrow.

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