Congressman Randy Hultgren Offers New IPhone App

Because Congressman Randy Hultgren’s 14th District covers all of McHenry County except Algonquin Township (which is in Peter Roskam’s district), McHenry County Blog shall be printing press releases from Hultgren. Here is his latest:

Hultgren Releases New iPhone Application

Geneva, IL – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today announced the release of an official mobile application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Hultgren app streamlines information about the congressman into one place, and provides constituents with a new way of interacting with Rep. Hultgren, including the ability to call his offices from directly within the app.

Congressman Randy Hultgren talks with Nunda Township GOP Precinct Committeeman Bob Borchardt at the Pro-Life Pig Roast.

Constituents can find in real time Rep. Hultgren’s position on current issues, and can easily access his contact information, press releases, past copies of the “Hultgren Huddle” E-Newsletter, Twitter page, Facebook page, videos and photos from their phones. They can also participate in constituent surveys and sign up to receive his E-Newsletter.

“This new app is a great way for constituents to keep informed on my activities on the Hill and in the 14th District,” said Hultgren.

The Hultgren app requires iOS 4.0 or higher. It is 1.9 MB in size, and it is available for free on the iPhone App Store by searching for Rep. Randy Hultgren or at:


Congressman Randy Hultgren Offers New IPhone App — 2 Comments

  1. The same Hultgren 1 term wonder who suggested asking the rich very nicely to pay more taxes and then admitted at his townhall meeting that he was too much of a gutless coward to answer a basic question about the failure of the Bush tax cuts to create jobs?

  2. Randy, it’s time to move on with the Obama Care BS….it’s a bad law, no doubt, but it was passed and signed into law.

    Restore the funding to the government, insist that the ACA be implemented in its original form, no carve outs, or exceptions to anyone for any reason and no subsidies for congressional/senate or staffers..the country will see it’s major faults and then it can be addressed next election cycle.

    The RNC is close to losing my support due to the ongoing games they are playing, fight to win not to feel good.

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