Grafton Food Pantry Fight Revives

The Grafton Township Food Pantry was started by former Supervisor Jack Brunschon and continued to operate under his successor John Rossi.

During that time it was turned into a not-for-profit entity in order to get better prices on surplus food, as I understand it.

Grafton Township Trustee extolls the benefits of a new township hall to Annaul meeting three years ago.

Providing more space for that Food Pantry was a motivating factor for the Township Trustees ill-fated efforts to build a new township hall.

GOP primary candidate Linda Moore used the borrowing of millions without a referendum to squeak out a victory over Rossi.

Those running the Food Pantry moved everything to private quarters in Rutland Township last summer.

Leaders of the Grafton Township Food Pantry accept check from McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen. From left to right are Kathy Schneiter, Yensen, John Rossi, Harriet Ford and Betty Zirk. Photo by The First Electric Newspaper.

Moore subsequently started a General Assistance Food Pantry.

Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund is about to evict that Food Pantry from the back room where the old one once was.

Grafton Township Road Commission Jack Freund's August 11, 2011, eviction letter.

Moore has sent him the following letter:


Dear Highway Commissioner Freund,

I am in receipt of your letter dated August 11, 2011, wherein you threaten to remove me from a portion of my offices by self-help. The last elected township officials who attempted to do so cost the township taxpayers thousands in attorneys’ fees in a losing effort. I would caution you accordingly.

As you know, the room you have termed “storage area” has been and continues to be used for our Grafton Township Food Pantry which is part of the Grafton Township’s daily operations. I am surprised you want to interfere with the delivery of food to the needy people of Grafton Township.

I have reviewed the current lease attached to an intergovernmental agreement that I never had anything to do with. Nonetheless, the room in question, according to the lease is a township office. Thus, your letter is without foundation.

Please review this matter with your counsel. It would be prudent to avoid litigation in this matter that simply will enrich attorneys at taxpayer expense. Since there is no reason cited for your action in your letter and since the room has been used for township purposes opposed to road district purposes for at least the last twelve years, the taxpayers of Grafton Township, as well as myself, are going to wonder why you are attempting to go down this path.

Please come to your senses on this matter.


Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor


Grafton Food Pantry Fight Revives — 4 Comments

  1. Cal – “Those running the Food Pantry moved everything to private quarters in Rutland Township last summer” because they were DRIVEN OUT by Linda. No surprise to see that Linda is threatening to spend the taxpayers dollars trying to get her way. Litigation is what Linda does best (and will be her legacy).

    Here’s an idea. Linda try working with and getting along with people!

  2. Sure seems like EVERYONE that works for Grafton Township needs to GROW UP! (sure am glad I don’t live there, who could stand this kind of bickering?)

  3. Hysterical!! Which attorney will “Lawsuit Linda” be using to file this supposed lawsuit – Nelson (who was ultimately dismissed by the Appellate Court) or Ancel-Glick, (whom she terminated)? Is there another mysterious lawyer lurking in her stable?

  4. “Please come to your senses on this matter.”

    Very novel idea Lawsuit Linda. Perhaps you should take a spoonful of your own medicine!

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