Barb Wheeler Links Illinois Job Loss to Quinn 67% Income Tax Hike

Barb Wheeler

A press release from McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler, the only candidate so far for the 64th State Representative District:

Wheeler slams Quinn  on Job Creation and Tax Hike

Crystal Lake, IL: Today the Illinois Policy Institute published a study on job creation. They determined that Illinois is dead last in job creation in the country.

Further, they directly tie it to Quinn’s job killing tax hike.

What so many Democrats fail to realize is that their tax increase policies have a direct correlation to the loss of jobs.

The assumption that you can raise taxes and people and businesses will stand there and take it, is foolish. Of course businesses, if they are able, are going to move to a more friendly business climate.

Wisconsin and Indiana are advertising themselves as better places to operate a business.

From the Illinois Policy Institute

An unfortunate consequence of the business exodus out of Illinois is higher unemployment. Since January,

Illinois has lost 89,000 jobs.

This hits everyone whether it is you, or a neighbor we all feel the impact of the loss of jobs in Illinois.

This creates a vicious cycle.

With more people out of work and more businesses leaving the state, there will be less money coming into the State Treasury.

What is Quinn’s solution?

Raise taxes again?

Who is going to be around to pay these taxes?

Quinn pretends that his top priority is to create jobs. In fact, his actions, along with the Democrat controlled State House and Senate have done everything they can to destroy jobs. If there was a contest to see who could destroy the most jobs, Illinois would be the hands down winner!

Barbara Wheeler is a candidate for the 64th State Representative District.

Republican Barbara Wheeler, first elected to the 2002 McHenry County Board, has actively lead initiatives championing environmental issues, promoting economic development, encouraging diverse housing options and implementing groundwater protection policies.

Feel free to call her on her cell if you have any questions or want to join her committee.


Barb Wheeler Links Illinois Job Loss to Quinn 67% Income Tax Hike — 3 Comments

  1. Barb is a top notch candidate with very conservative values. She understands and will not be armtwisted by those in Springfield…

  2. O AND Q MUST GO. They are individually ruining the nation and the state !!!

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