You Can Comment on Toll Tax Hike on Tollway Web Site

Reconstruction of the 50-year old pavement is already occurring on the Northwest Tollway (some call it the Jane Adams) east of Barrington Road.

All the media coverage has been on those whose livelihoods will be benefited from Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax Hike.

These construction workers, consultants and road builders have packed every hearing.

They know the game and know their checking accounts will be enlarged with ordinary commuters have to cough up 88% more money every day on the way to and from work.

But, there is another way to comment.

This is what the Tollway's online comment page looks like. You will note even the comment page is weighted toward inducing favorable comments.

The link above leads to the Illinois Tollway’s comment page.

Little ol’ McHenry County Blog isn’t going to inspired many people to make comments, but other main stream media might.

Not that I think they will write articles or run stories on TV or radio.


You Can Comment on Toll Tax Hike on Tollway Web Site — 1 Comment

  1. Well, you could comment. Or at least yesterday you could see the online Comment form. Did the Tollway webform “crash”? Late in the afternoon a comment could not be sent. By 7:15AM today the online form was gone!

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