Unauthorized Links Now Appearing on Word Press Publications

I want you to look closely at the dotted underlining in this cut line. If you click on either in the original article, you will go to something called "enwikipedia.com." McHenry County Blog did not authorize it or any other dotted underlined link.

The host I use to publish McHenry County Blog is Word Press.

Last night I started noticing underline words that, when clicked upon, transfer readers to something called “en.wikipedia.com,” whatever that is.

I apologize for the annoyance.

Here's another example of the user-unauthorized links showing up on WordPress electronic publications.

When I figure out what I can do about it, I’ll let you know.


Unauthorized Links Now Appearing on Word Press Publications — 1 Comment

  1. With all the money you pay for WordPress to host your blog, you should demand better service and they should ask your permission before they do anything, like try to recoup their investment.

    Oh wait, how much do you pay them per month? Ah, that’s right. You don’t pay them anything, because it’s free.

    Never mind!

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