Former McHenry Alderman Frank McClatchey Running for Democratic Party Nomination for Congress in 14th District

A press release from Frank McClatchey announcing his candidacy for Congress in the 14th District. Thus far, incumbent Randy Hultgren is the only announced Repulilcan candidate.

After careful consideration with family and friends, I have decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, serving the 14th District of Illinois.

This decision is driven by a desire to use my considerable experience to help get OUR country back to its position of leadership, both economically and politically.

Americans need representatives in Congress with real world experience – people who know how to

  • create jobs,
  • balance budgets,
  • investigate options,
  • mediate solutions, and
  • work to meet the true needs of the citizens they represent while working within government structures.

I have that experience.

Whether it was

  • as a small business owner,
  • working as the consumer advocate within the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, or
  • serving as a member of the McHenry City Council,
  • managing small business relationships in the Illinois Office of the US Senate,

my priority has always been to

  • serve the public,
  • bringing people together,
  • helping to solve problems,
  • honestly answer questions, and
  • develop new opportunities.

The development of small business is an issue close to my heart.

Frank MClatchey

In 2010, I organized a small business expo for the Illinois Office of the US Senate. The expo was designed to revive and refresh Illinois small businesses by giving owners the opportunity to build relationships, meet with distinguished leaders in business and government from across the state of Illinois, and discuss federal assistance programs. Remember, the small business sector accounts for more than one out of every three jobs in the US. We need small businesses.

As your representative in Washington, I will continue the effort to help our small business owners.

The health and welfare of the Fox River and Chain of Lakes are also a priority for me as I have lived on or near the Fox River all my life.

Few people realize that the Illinois Fox River Chain O’Lakes is the busiest inland recreational waterway per acre in the entire United States.

Because I have long recognized the importance of this area and the challenges it faces, I have served on

  • the McHenry Zoning Board of Appeals,
  • the McHenry Community Development Committee and
  • Riverwalk Committees.

As your representative in Washington, I will continue to work to enhance our local communities’ prosperity.

America needs to get back to its roots of citizen representation and small business development.

As your Congressman, I will take my experience in bringing people together to Washington.

I will work with you to develop well-reasoned solutions to our problems – solutions that will meet our needs today as well as those of future generations.

I will represent the 14th in the way they deserve.

= = = = =

The 14th District Congressional map is below:

14th District Illinois Congressional map

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