Jack Franks Urges Credit for Cuban Purchases from US Firms

Jack Franks

WBBM’s John Cody interviewedState Rep. Jack Franks after his return from his trip to Cuba.

Franks estimated that within two years there could be over $1 billion in sales to the Communist regime within two years if the current trade embargo were lifted.

That embargo, he adds forbids the extension of credit to the Cuban government.

The rules now require cash on the barrel head.

And ships that dock in Cuba can’t come to a United States port within six months of doing so.

Cold War relics, Franks thinks.

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With the Jackie Kennedy tapes having been released this week I was thinking about hearing about the missile crisis while I was at Oberlin College near Cleveland in Ohio.

I was at Pyle Co-op next to Dascomb Hall. We were gathered around the black and white TV near dinner time as the crisis unfolded.

Despite having hidden under school desks at Middletown (New York) High School during 1956-58, this was the time in my life when I felt closest to war.

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