Sale of Grafton Township Hall Site on Agenda Thursday

Location of the property sold to Grafton Township by Lake in the Hills. The village declined to re-purchase the property.

The Grafton Township Board has been called to a special meeting at 7 PM at the Township Hall by Supervisor Linda Moore.

The only item on the agenda concerns consideration of “an offer for the purchase of the township property at 9260 Haligus Road, LITH, IL.”

There will be related discussion to “give consent and advice to Supervisor’s Appointment of Special Counsel for Sale of Haligus Road Property.”

Friday, The First Electric Newspaper revealed that the prospective purchaser is the the American Muslim Community Organization.

The group of 300 plans a mosque, school, library, daycare and community center.


Sale of Grafton Township Hall Site on Agenda Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Linda Moore has now completed her great plan. Destroy the Township, dismantle the twenty five year plan to serve the people of the Township and get rid of the cheapest property available for several counties. Grafton is truly excited to have no leadership or representation and the opportunity to have shiny new neighbors who will get to take advantage of all Grafton has to offer without paying taxes or helping the neighborhood to improve. Mmmmmmmmm…. We are SO excited about the Linda Moore years. I hope she writes her memoirs soon. I’m running out of Kleenex.

  2. For anyone who doesn’t know both sides of the disputes in Grafton, the first comment on the story will give a wrong impression.

    All of this started when taxpayers went to court over the previous board’s intent to spend millions of dollars to create a large Township building. The taxpayers disagreed. The judge made a ruling. The previous board lost. The information that was supposed to go to the public originally but didn’t was part of the issue.

    The pouting never ended and became worse when the previous Supervisor didn’t get back in office and his opponent Mrs. Moore did. After that it’s been a struggle for control.

    While I don’t think that this piece of property should be used for this purpose, the discussion is before the board. Given the location – it seems suited to something small and quiet without a lot of traffic. My guess is that the residents in the area were expecting open land, a small office or business.

    I believe Pete’s piece said the oddly shaped, smallish 2.77 acre parcel is not zoned for a church. If that’s the case, it’s not zoned for a mosque or a tempel either.

  3. While I do not agree with all of Linda Moore’s actions and ideas, I do feel that she is looking out for the people of the Township for the most part. Which is more than I can say of the majority of the other board members, which have their own agenda’s that do not correspond with the majority of the people of Grafton Township. I do feel that a complete overhaul of all board members, including Linda Moore, would be very beneficial to the township as we are paying an astounding amount in legal fees because of “kindergarten” fighting.

  4. @Anonymous: looking closely at the list of taxpayer plaintiffs on those lawsuits, I see that the group of Linda’s neighbors led by Linda herself as the chief plaintiff! Please don’t try to spin this.

    This land WAS well suited for an office but Linda and her posse emptied the Grafton treasury on their army of lawyers to unravel sound plans. History will show that all Grafton taxpayers were losers in Linda’s Wonder Years.

  5. Millions? Really? Is THAT what this is all about? Linda(anonymous), please share with the taxpayers in Grafton how taking Grafton to court, hiring attorney after attorney on the taxpayer dime during your tenure, paying invoices late to incur added fees due to your inability to lead and then selling the property paid for with CASH in 1980’s dollars and owned wholly by the Township is excellent money management. Please explain to the average voter how spending all of this money on these externals rather than a property designed by third party experts to serve The People of the Township for the forseeable future is better? I would just LOVE to hear this explaination. Mind you, the building being a go/no go and the procedural problems with the vote to approve it are a red herring to the real issue of why we, the citizens of Grafton, have NOTHING to show for the money spent on lawyers and legal fees. The point of electing you, Linda, was to SAVE MONEY!!!!! Not spend it to allow a court to run our Township without equal representation. You are a failure as a Supervisor and a failure in your stated purpose for being elected. Take responsibility and slink off into the mist so The People may try to rebuild what little there is left of Grafton.

  6. $3.5 M plus interest was slated to put up a building that wasn’t needed. The PUBLIC didn’t agree with what was being done. The issues brought to the court were decided on by the judge. Frankly, $3.5 M plus interest isn’t chump change. Some think it was an attempt to play in a bigger political game in the area. In any case, it failed.

    As to other charges that arose – read all the transcripts. It seems to me that the Trustees were trying to usurp the powers and duties of the Supervisor – the Supervisor who won the election instead of their previous Supervisor.

    Pout and stomp all you want folks. The facts are out there. Pointing at one person and blaming one person is simply a bunch of bunk.

  7. Even stating a number as large as 3.5 million is a red herring. This was not 3.5 million dollars spent over a period of one or two years for a building with REAL VALUE at the end. This was money amortized over a number of years. Right now we are heading into a bottomless pit of money(many hundreds of thousands of dollars and counting) spent in just over a year for legal bills to line the pockets of lawyers with no value whatsoever for the citizens of Grafton Township.

    This is all directly attributable to ONE person and her considerable appetite for failure. Without Linda Moore Grafton may or may not have a building but it would certainly still own the plot of land(which has real value and was paid for with cash and is tax free), would not have the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal bills and would have representation by the elected representatives rather than through court orders.

    Take responsibility Linda. Maybe you can garner some modicum of respect and dignity if you just take responsibiliity. The Trustees are intractable and difficult. Yes, they are leaving in the next election with you. ALL the responsibility for the failures and mismanagement of this township land squarely on you, Linda, as the CFO and Supervisor of Grafton Township. Just own your part in this travesty We The People must live with and at the very least be able to hold your head up in public. With your current divestiture of any sense of reality or responsibility you really should be put in the stocks in the town square so the children may make fun of you while pointing and laughing as an example of the person we pray they will never become.

  8. As readers can see there are some who want to make the problems at the Township personal. They will not deal with the reality that the many thousands of dollars that the Trustees’ lawyer ran up – didn’t have to happen. Trustees wanted to run the show. Didn’t like that their choice for Supervisor didn’t win. Townships were and sometimes still are places where things are done quietly and the public doesn’t know what’s going on. Shining light on townships isn’t always welcome.

    Hiring a full time person with a large salary to more or less do what the Supervisor is supposed to do, essentially pulling the Supervisor’s office out from under her, etc. – again read the transcripts and don’t fall for the personal attack diversions. The Trustees lost.

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