MCC Live Streams Volleyball, But Not Board Meetings

The TribLocal's article on McHenry County College's live streaming of volleyball.

I was exciting to read Lawerence Synett’s article about the live streaming of volleyball by McHenry County College.

If that was possible, then there must be enough band width to broadcast Board of Trustee meetings.

Lack of band width was the excuse the Board used when asked last time.

Considering what the Board wanted to hike–let’s remember

  • the baseball stadium that we taxpayers would be left to pay for after the minor league team went under and
  • the broadcast tower that would blight Crystal Lake’s skyline–

one can see why the board members then would have preferred to limit it audience to the few outsiders who showed up in person.

I wondered if current Board meetings are being made available to people at home, so I called the President’s Office.

Vicky Smith

It was 4:30 this afternoon and guess who answered?

You’re right.

The President herself.

She told me that the Board meetings were not being live streamed. I told her that the band width reason seemed not to still be relevant and asked her why volleyball games and not Board meetings.

Her answer:

“It has not come up.”

Well, now it has.

It would be a step toward needed transparency.

= = = = =
There’s a meeting tonight starting with a budget hearing at 6:30 and the regular monthly Board meeting immediately thereafter.


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  1. At age 66, she was probably just getting up from her nap and preparing to drive home. No doubt dreaming of more ways to spend more money.

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