Senator Dan Duffy Seeks Constituent Feedback

In an email, State Senator Dan Duffy is seeking constituents input by way of questionnaire below:

Dan Duffy

Dear Friend,

Despite a 67% Income Tax increase passed by the legislature in January, Illinois continues to overspend and accumulate deficits.

The Income Tax increase bill also included a huge Corporate Tax increase.

When I voted against the enormous tax increase bill, I stated that it was the “nuclear bomb of job bills.”

Illinois now has the third highest corporate tax structure in the United States.

More taxes are not the solution.

If the state does not control spending Illinois will have a deficit of more than $22 Billion when – and if – the temporary portion of the tax hike expires in five years.

That is nearly four times what the deficit was at the end of Fiscal Year 2010 – BEFORE the tax increase.

If we continue on this path, in 2016 the state will be faced with even higher tax increases and even deeper spending cuts. It’s a cycle that simply cannot be sustained.

We need to begin bipartisan discussions to tackle our spending problem.

I recently joined with other like-minded legislators to lay out some options and encourage all parties to come to the table to work on real solutions.

To help guide me in these discussions, I am asking you to “reply” back to me and answer the following 11 questions.

Please provide your home address and contact information so that I can keep you informed as we move through the coming months.

Thanks for all your help!

Dan Duffy
State Senator


1.  Even with the 67% tax increase – the largest tax increase in Illinois history – we are faced with a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall. How would you address the deficit?

A.  Make deep cuts in state spending so the tax increase can be repealed
B.  Cut state spending enough to make sure the tax increase expires in four years as promised
C.  Leave the tax increase in place, but don’t grow government
D.  Continue to spend at current levels and raise taxes higher when necessary

2.  What do you think the state legislature’s top priority should be? (Please choose up to three.)

A.  Jobs
B.  Health Care
C.  Ethics
D.  Roads / Infrastructure
E.  Seniors
F.  Education
G.  Budget / Taxes
H.  Pension Reform

3.  Illinois has the most units of government in the nation – nearly 8500 – according to the state Comptroller’s estimate. Government consolidation would save Illinois millions of dollars annually. How do you feel about this issue?

A.  All current units of local government are needed and I would not want to consolidate any
of them.
B.  We should consolidate and eliminate as many units of local government as possible.
C.  Undecided

4.  I recently worked with other legislators and drafted a specific plan which would cut wasteful spending, balance the budget and phase out the 67% tax increase. ( Do you agree with this approach?

A.  Yes
B.  No
C.  Undecided

5.  Many Illinoisans have seen a decrease in their property value and an increase in their property taxes. How do you feel about your property taxes?

A.  My property taxes are too high
B.  My property taxes are too low
C.  My property taxes are appropriate for my community

6.  Illinois has hundreds of state boards and commissions. Some boards pay members six-figure salaries and offer full pensions, even though the job may only require one board meeting per month. Many members of these boards are relatives of current state legislators. Please check all of the following boxes you support.

A.  Any qualified candidate should be considered for a state board or commission even if they
are related to a State official.
B.  State boards and commissions should be non-salaried positions.
C.  A person should be ineligible for appointment to a state board or commission if the person
is a spouse, child, or spouse of a child of a State official.

7.  Illinois is now the only state which does not allow “concealed carry” for gun owners. Illinois   legislators are considering a law which would allow “concealed carry” for registered gun owners. Do you support such a law?

A.  Yes
B.  No
C.  Undecided

8.  Do you support “term limits” for Illinois state legislators?

A.  Yes
B.  No
C.  Undecided

9.  What is your occupation?

10.  Do you have any input / feedback you would like to share with Senator Duffy?

11.  What is your home address?

State Senator

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