Gun Ownership Down, But People Still Want to Be Able to Defend Themselves

That was the takeaway message for me from the Huntley Tea Party’s forum on gun control.

Bill Jenkins, whose 16-year old son was killed in Richmond, Virginia, put declining gun ownership statistics on the screen arguing that John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” analysis was false, that Concealed Carry legislation was not the cause of less crime, rather the end of a 1990’s crime spree was.  I’ll tell you.  I’d drive to Chicago to hear them debate.

Bill Jenkins explains that crime cannot be expected to decrease because of the passage of Concealed Carry legislation. (Click to enlarge.)

Jenkins also showed a slide showing crime increasing in Concealed Carry states at the same time it was increasing in states without that privilege.

“You cannot use the ‘decreases crime’ argument to support Concealed Carry legislation,” he said.

Illinois State Rifle Association President Richard Pearson

Illinois State Rifle Association President Richard Pearson took on another of Jenkins’ statistics, that of the small  percentage of gun owners who use their guys to deter crime.

He offered two examples from his own life.

He told of a guy walking into his jewelry store, locking the door behind him and asking, “What would you do if I tried to rob your store?”

“I’d shoot you with my 45,” Pearson replied  as he pulled his gun from the holster behind his back.  The man immediately unlocked the door and left.

He told the audience at the Huntley Park District Building Auditorium that he did not report the incident, that the Police Department was across the street and couldn’t have done anything to help him.

A second incident occurred when a car with men pulled next to them in a threatening way.  The drive of the pickup in which Pearson was a passenger pulled onto a dirt road, made some dust fly, stopped the pickup and when the car following the two came into view its occupants faced a shotgun.

Todd Vandermyde, VP and lobbyist of the Illinois State Rifle Association

Needless to say, they drove away.

Pearson didn’t report that to the police either.

The point he was trying to make was that one statistic upon which Jenkins was relying might not be as important as Jenkins thought.

There were fascinating comments by Todd Vandermyde about how the military had found a 50-caliber rifle developed for hunting and turned it into a sniper’s rifle used by the military after Jenkins said he favored restricting the ownership of military grade guns.

Moderator Jim Carlin

Huntley Area Tea Party Coordinator Linda Bahwell

Clearly, Vandermyde knew that part of the issue better than Jenkins.

That was the issue part of the evening.

Tomorrow, McHenry County Blog will report on the electoral side.

The event was chaired by former Huntley School Board member Jim Carlin.

Coordinator of the Huntley Tea Party is Linda Bakwell.


Gun Ownership Down, But People Still Want to Be Able to Defend Themselves — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t see how anyone with any common sense could be against the right to carry (concealed or otherwise) for self defense.

    I can think of 3 tragic national stories that may have either been avoided or lessened had law abiding citizens been aloud to due there duty as american citizens.

    A armed public is a polite public capable of lowing crime which in the end will lower costs in every catagory of the economy.

    Use common sense, technology is not a substitute for common sense.

    Justification can be made for any view seen fit.

    Our so called leaders really need to brush up on history and read the publishings of our fore-fathers, they were true leaders capable of common sense thinking.

  2. Perko you’re dead wrong. Excuse the pun because that what will happen when we let a bunch of untrained yahoos whip out their six shooters every time they witness a dispute.

  3. Let’s require people who wish to carry guns to wear all-orange, like hunters. That way, the more civilized rest of us will be able to quickly identify the rabble with the guns.

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