New West Beach Building Should Allow Lake View

Northwest Herald reporter Brett Rowland reported Sunday that the Crystal Lake Park Board is planning to replace the current wall of a building.

It’s forty years old and, well, not good enough. Read his article to find out why.

Forty years ago I was running for State Representative for the first time.

The old wooden Grafton Township Park District building had burned down after having been turned over to the Crystal Lake Park District through the efforts of future Park Board member Leona Nelson.

The West Beach building blocks motorists from a beautiful view of Crystal Lake.

Between the time of the fire and when a brick wall replaced the wooden structure, the numerous motorists taking North Avenue (an extension of Lake Avenue) on the way to the West End were able to enjoy a magnificent view of Crystal Lake.

At the time I had strong feelings about the matter, but was in the middle of a campaign and didn’t want to make enemies.

A view of West Beach from above.

Now that concern is gone, I shall boldly proclaim that the building should not be rebuilt on the same location.

A map of the Crystal Lake Park District's West Beach.

It should be built down where the boat launch is.

To rebuild on the current site would just replace one sight pollution with another.

If you will look at the width of the land that the Park District owns at West Beach–all in Lakewood–there does not have to be a blight on the lake shore blocking the view of Crystal Lake.

If a new Park District were built next to the Lakewood Village Hall (which Trustees would like to find someone to use as a high end restaurant), motorists going home could see the glory of our town’s name sake.

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