Grafton Township Office Entrance More Welcoming

The new window in the entrance of the Grafton Township Hall.

Early on in the Grafton Township war between the Trustees and Supervisor Linda Moore, complaints were made that she locked the door of the Supervisor’s Office.

It was not a welcoming atmosphere.

An accurate evaluation.

The Trustees wanted the door left open.

Judge Michael Caldwell ruled that such decisions were not theirs to make, but my last visit to the Township office revealed that improvements have been made.

Now there is a window right inside the front entrance.

Anyone entering can talk to someone behind the sliding glass opening.

One could conclude that the Trustees achieved their goal of more openness, although not in the fashion they had envisioned.


Grafton Township Office Entrance More Welcoming — 2 Comments

  1. A considerable improvement.

    Welcome to the 21st Century Grafton Township.

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