Republican Politics at Port Edward

McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon talks to a table of Port Edward attendees.

Ed Wolowiec

Port Edward has pleasant memories for me all the way back to visiting the Algonquin Jaycees back in the late 1960’s.

Then it was only a small corner bar at Harrison and Route 62.

Port Edward has a men's room with views.

Algonquin Founders Days luncheons, fund raisers, Mother’s Day Breakfasts.

Always good food.

A gift shop to keep your wife and children out of by buying another glass of wine.

Urinals below portholes.

A host without peer–Ed Wolowiec.

Monday night the McHenry County Republican Central Committee held a fundraiser that about 100 people attended.

I was astounded that some candidates were not there. Maybe they don’t know that majority parties have to maintain an infrastructure that minority parties can ignore. Things like rent, phones, utilities, salary.

Not that candidates weren’t present.

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Phyllis Walters was seeking petition signatures for her re-election campaign. At the table to her right are State Rep. candidate Barb Wheeler and County Board candidate Nick Provenzano, who was sporting a Randy Hulgren sticker.

Plenty, like Recorder of Deed Phyllis Walters brought petitions.

Lots of people came over to pay their respects to Irene Napier, the leader of the Pro-Life movement in McHenry County. Barb Wheeler stands, while Lynn Wickham sits.

Barb Wheeler was doing the same and worked two streets in my precinct for signatures this afternoon with Blake Hobson.

Joe Walsh staffer Andrew Nelms and Helene Walsh chat with Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Brent Smith.

Congressman Randy Hultgren’s employee Nick Provenzano was circulating, as was Congressman Joe Walsh’s wife Helena and new staffer Andrew Nelms, who is from Genoa.

I mentioned that State Rep. candidate Barb Wheeler was courting votes.  So were two candidates from the 52nd District Mark Beaubien used to represent.

Oakwood Hills Trustree Dan Carlino and Village President John Theiss talk with State Rep. Kent Gaffney as Garrett Hill observes.

Appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney was there with his wife Elizabeth.

52nd District State Rep. candidate David McSweeney greeted former McHenry County Board member Lou Anne Majewski.

So was former 8th Congressional District candidate David McSweeney, now running against Gaffney.

The food line at Port Edward contained Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay. She is the second woman from the right with her back to the camera.

There are three candidates running for the empty 33rd District State Senate seat.  The only one to show up was Kane County Board member Karen McConnaughay.

Sheriff Keith Nygren greets Metra Board member and former State Senator Jack Schaffer and John McCrory.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was making the rounds.

Sheriff Keith Nygren introduced his Undersheriff Andy Zinke to someone after greeting former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Jack Schaffer, whose head in in the bottom of the photo.

He was introducing his chosen successor, Undersheriff Andy Zinke, although Zinke was doing that well enough by himself before Nygren arrived.

McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi talked briefly with Irene Napier before hurrying off to another event.

So was McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.  I did not see the Sheriff and the State’s Attorney conversing.

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer and McHenry County Board Vice Chairman John Jung chatted.

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer was busy gathering petition signatures.

Dr. Anne Majewski and attorney Bernie Narusis renew acquaintances.

Candidate for McHenry County Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski was courting support at Port Edward, too.

This was a County Board District 6 political table. From left to right are Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster, County Auditor Pam Palmer, County Board member Diane Evertsen and Hartland Township Supervisor Ev Evertsen.

There were a good number of McHenry County Board members and a  couple of township officials.

Two District 2 McHenry County Board members, Ken Koehler and Donna Kurtz, posed for the camera.

The County Board members were spread throughout the room. No open meetings violations for these folks.

My lens caught three County Board members here: Mary Donner of District 3, Mary McCann of District 6 and Bob Bless of District 1.

Some, like District 1’s Anna May Miller and her husband, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, I didn’t get photos of. Anyone who feels aggrieved can not their attendance in the comment section.

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