Marengo Settler’s Days Parade – Political Edition, etc.

There were Federal, state and county board politicians at the Settler’s Day Parade, but most interesting thing I found was the absence of prospective McHenry County 14th Congressional District nominee Randy Hultgren.

In this very open territory, 8th District Republican Joe Walsh had the streets all to himself.

Settlers Day Parade color guard and crowds on State Street.

I parked a bit too far away and missed the color guard.  All I got was a photo from the rear.

Since the flags were followed by a trailer on which members of the Kishwaukee American Legion Post 192, I believe it was its color guard.

McHenry County Marine Corps Color Guard was in the Settlers Day Parade.

I did get the second group carrying the American Flag carried by the McHenry County Marine Corps League.

Marengo Settlers Day Parade Marshall Harvey Meyers waves from the shade.

After the veterans, came this year’s Parade Marshall–attorney Harvey Meyers.  When Assistant Treasurer Edith Howell (mother of the folks that started Howell cleaning in Crystal Lake) was filing 2000 suits a year against people for non-payment of Personal Property Taxes (everyone owing $25 or more was sued), Harv was one of two Marengo attorneys that McHenry County State’s Attorney Bill Cowlin hired to handle the contested cases.  They’re were not many.

Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart

After the color guard and veterans rode Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart.

The first politician was Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart. My just-repaired camera was giving me problems and I had to chase him a block Downtown before it finally worked.

Union Village President Robert Wagner was tossing candy to the kids.

Union Village President Robert Wagner was next.

Settlers Day Parade is a big deal for western McHenry County.

Route 23 (South State Street to natives) north of the parade turn at E. Washington has a line of firetrucks after the municipal leaders.

The fire engines and rescue vehicles came from Marengo, Union, Harvard, Huntley and the nearby Northern Illinois Fire Museum were probably longer than the entire Route 23 leg of the parade.

Fire engines stretched blocks beyond the Marengo Methodist Church on East Washington Street.

And they stretched down East Washington as far as one could see.

Next came a McHenry County Sheriff’s Department squad car.  Just as in the Johnsburg parade, this was the extent of the public relations effort.

This deputy drove a McHenry County Sheriff's Department squad car.

No sign of Sheriff Keith Nygren.  Guess he figures front page coverage in the Northwest Herald is good enough.

A couple of volunteers following this McHenry County Emergency Management Agency vehicle were the first serious candy distributors.

A big McHenry County Emergency Management Agency truck came next.

I believe these are motorcycle police from the McHenry County Conservation District being preceded by an Emergency Management Agency candy hand-erouter.

It was followed a couple of motorcycle policemen, whom I believe are employees of the McHenry County Conservation District, although there was no such sign I could see on the vehicles.

The Marengo Marching Indians Band before it turned onto East Washington Street.

Next came the hometown marching band.

This lad looks like a candidate for the Marengo Marching Indians band. He was marking right along with the high schoolers.

It excited one young man.

Joe Walsh's jeep announced the Congressman's contingent.

And turning the corner as I turned around was the first blatantly politic entry of the parade.

Joe Walsh engaged the Marengo Policeman who was keeping cnady-seeking kids out of the way of the parade vehicles.

It was that of Congressman Joe Walsh, who would represent most of that part of McHenry County that is currently in Congressman Don Manzullo’s old 16th Congressional District.

With a Joe Walsh sticker on her short sleeved arm, his wife Helene was campaigning for him in Marengo on the cloudless 80 degree day.

Joe Walsh’s wife Helene was greeting people, too.

Joe Walsh prepares to give high fives to some kids.

He high-fived three boys and rushed on since the parade was moving at a good pace.

Three Marengo boys got a high five from Congressman Joe Walsh.

Next he greeting the wife of what I have to assume from her husband’s tee shirt is a Norseman.  Those who recognized him probably did so because of his television coverage.

Joe Walsh shook hands with a woman sitting in the shade.

A Walsh candy lady was hailed by a boy.

Candy, candy, candy.

There were more candy dispensers, including a little girl, walking the route for Walsh.

the little girl was certainly having fun handing out candy for Joe Walsh. I wonder if Walsh parades are excuses for those dating to get together.

Next came Walsh’s flag-bedecked truck.

I’m curious how a candidate with no connection to Marengo except his candidacy gets to be the first politician in the parade.

Marengo Settler's Day Queen and Court.

Walsh was even in front of the Settlers Days Queen and Court.

Marengo youngsters wore pioneer garb in the Settler's Day float for princes and princesses.

And in front of the Settler’s Day Princes and Princesses.

Before the next political entry (more on others tomorrow), was a Sesame Street-themed entry, number 39.

Can anyone explain what this Sesame Street entry was all about?

I couldn’t figure whether it was just Moms out for fun or something else.

A goat was on parade.

I was entranced by the goat that was walking with it.

More politics, etc., sometime tomorrow.


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  1. Are parades now a days just for politicians? They sure show up to flash their mugs around. They should be banned from them.

  2. There should be more elaborate and stringent requirements for floats during parades, especially from politicians.

    Marengo Realtor Sandy Butenschoen is the driver of the convertible in which Harvey Meyers is the passenger.

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