Marengo Settlers Day Parade – State Legislative Politics, etc.

Yesterday after the Settlers Day Parade I put together some photos and text about the part through the appearance of Congressman Joe Walsh’s appearance.

Marengo Indians Marching Band drummers.

I wondered how a politician who did not represent the area got to come first, right after the Marengo Marching Indians Band.

Then I got the idea that perhaps the elected officials and candidates may have  been ordered by importance of the office they held or sought.

That would explain a congressman’s coming before state legislators.

Congressman Walsh, I have been told, got a healthy reception from parade participants before it started and along the parade route.  Certainly, I saw a fair degree of face recognition that wasn’t from seeing him in McHenry County.  His TV appearances must have giving a number of participants a sense of knowing him.

Two people wearing different vintages of Jack Franks' tee shirts carried the bipartisan banner.

Next up was a joint entry similar to the one put together in by Republican State Senator Pam Althoff and hometown boy Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks.

Jack Franks' convertible.

First came Franks’ Cadillac convertible, back seat empty.  For the Johnsburg Parade, Franks was in Cuba.

Tina Hill, who works in the office which Mike Tryon and Pam Althoff share, drove Althoff's parade truck.

Right behind was McHenry County Board member Tina Hill driving a big black truck with Althoff’s name on the door.

People walked with the legislative contingent handing out candy and carrying signs.

There were walkers, mainly for Franks.

When volunteers ran out fo candy, they got more from the pickup truck.

The candy was replenished from a truck carrying a sign saying, “We (heart) Marengo.

Jack Franks' volunteers were sprinting to catch up with the candy supplies.

There was a long space behind the candy truck.

More leisurely Jack Franks' volunteers.

Others who didn’t get rid of their candy so fast were walking.

Candy to hold Marengo young people over until Halloween.

Candy was certainly the draw for the youngsters.

There was a lot of space before the next entry.

And the Franks’ volunteers kept coming in the big gap behind the entry’s vehicles.

Jack Franks was running to catch up with his volunteers.

“Would Jack Franks be a no show in his hometown the way he was in Johnsburg?” I was thinking.

Jack Franks make the turn on the run.

No, he followed his 200 McHenry Fiesta Days Parade technique of catching up with his walkers  by running.

Crystal Lake-based Soulful Sinners, which I think I heard the announcer say were participating in their 19th Settlers Day Parade.

Right behind was music by Tom McDermott’s Soulful Sinners.

Middle school students from Marengo-Union 165 Grade School District were right behind Tom McDermott's old fire engine.

There were still more Franks’ volunteers passing out something frozen after the Soulful Sinners and the District 165.

Music for any occastion is what Just Duet advertised.

Next was the first commercial entry.  Unlike Johnsburg, Lake in the Hills and Crystal Lake, which all had a lot of businesses, there weren’t many in the Settlers Day Parade.

White Lion Real Estate was another commercial entry.

White Lion Real Estate had a white trailer with a lion’s face on the front and a long white tail behind.  There was also a costumed white lion.

How did Marengo entice a band from Evergreen Park, just south of Chicago's border, I wondered.

I kept looking for more politicians, of course, but rounding the corner was another band.

The Evergreen Park Marching Band trumpet players made a straight line as they passed.

The music was good, so I wasn’t complaining.  After all I could get in the shade anytime I wanted to.

The next entry had McHenry County officials.

But, we’ll cover that tomorrow.

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