Marengo Settlers Day Parade – County Politics, etc.

I think I have concluded that the Marengo Settlers Day Committee puts the politicians and candidates who march or ride in order of importance:




Since we did Federal on Sunday and state on Tuesday, we’re now down to county politics.

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer is on the left. She is up for re-election in 2012. McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz, on the right, is not.

Leading off that section of the parade were McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz and Auditor Pam Palmer.

This Model A Ford owner is a member of Henry's A's Region 47.

A neat, green Model A Ford followed them.

Could Jack Sparrow be running for county office? If so, which one?

Then, I noticed a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator.

Somehow it seemed appropriate that Captain Jack Sparrow see these messages. about repentance.

He was walking straight–or as straight as Captain Jack can walk–toward a part of the crowd carrying religious proclamations.

Part of Marengo Girl Scout Troop 1332's contingent in the Settlers Days Parade. Click to enlarge.

Girl Scouts from Troop 1332 walked behind a flat bed trailer with a man standing on top with a camera.

No one had a problem knowing this was the Marengo Woman's Club's entry in the Settlers Days Parade.

Then, the Marengo Woman’s Club rounded the corner.

This Holar-Ships entry must be related to nutrition. Note the settler woman is wearing gloves, so this must be a special occasion.

I’m not sure what Holar-Ships was all about, but it had a woman and a girl in the back of a pickup truck dressed in pioneer garb.

I wonder if a trainee or an instructor was driving this semi.

A semi-tractor and trailer used by for CDL training by Spirit CDL was the next to turn the corner…very carefully.

Jack Sparrow hadn't made any progress along the parade route. In this shot, I notice he is carrying a big jar with sand.

And Jack was still lurking around the intersection.

Mary McCann was waving to the crowd from the back of a pickup truck.

I don’t know if Sparrow had anything to do with District 6 County Board member Mary McCann or not, but her pickup truck must have driven by him.

At this point in the parade, I'm still wondering how Marengo managed to attract so many high school bands like the Renegade Regiment from Sandwich High School.

Another crowd-pleasing high school band was next–the Sandwich High School Renegade Regiment.

The Sandwich marching band turning onto to Washington Street.

The band held its formation well.

This Shriner on his high wheeled bike is a consistent performer in area parades.

A Shriner high wheeler was the next thing that attracted my attention.

In days of old, I doubt leases would have been used, but the buckskin looks authenic.

Slipping back still farther in time was this buckskin-clan woman with her dog.

Post 192 didn't undergo the training a marching band does, but they were in good order.

Boy Scouts from Explorer Post 192 marched with their American and troop flags.

I didn't catch the Cub Scout Pack 163 leader doing a wheelie, but, when he did, the Cub had a lot of fun.

Next came some Cub Scouts on miniature race cars pushed by leaders.

There is a separate story on the Cub Scout entries here.

The banner of the Dwight Township Marching Trojans led the high school's band.

Behind the Cub Scout entries was yet another high school band, this one all the way down Route 47 to Dwight.

The town of Harvard contributed its Milk Day Queen and attendant royalty to the Marengo Settlers Day Parade.

The Harvard Milk Day Queen and her Court followed the band from Dwight.

This US. Army biplane had a unique view of the Settlers Days Parade.

Overhead planes were periodically flying.

There were more county officials and candidates, but this story is already too long.

The rest will have to wait for another day.


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  1. That Jack Sparrow impersonator looks spot on! Wow!! Of course I always thought that Johnny Depp was a cute, great actor! Kudos to anybody who can mimick that look!

  2. Hey where are those people’s seat belts? We have photo evidence of a breach of the law.

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