MCC Gets Norridge Bank Building’s Furniture

This former Talman Savings and Loan, owned by Harlem Irving Companies, has four floors of furniture that has been donated to McHenry County College.

The demolition of a bank building in Noridge in 2-3 months is going to net McHenry County College with four stories of furniture.

Currently owned by Harlem Irving Companies, the building was formerly known as the Talman Savings and Loan.

Bill Brennan, Executive Director of the Friends of MCC Foundation, made the connection for the donation.

To get it, College Board members had to hold a special meeting last Friday morning at 7 AM.

The cost to McHenry County College for removal and storage is a maximum of $109,900, the expenditure of which was approved early Friday morning.

Because it was considered a “time sensitive” emergency, the formal bidding process was waived.

Nevertheless three bids were sought before a contract was approved for Boss Office Products of Crystal Lake.

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