Dave McSweeney’s vs. Kent Gaffney’s vs. Danielle Rowe’s Finances Thus Far – $19,500 vs. $33,400 vs. $9,500

Dave McSweeney

Here’s contributions and loans over $1,000 that just officially announced State Rep. candidate David McSweeney has reported raising so far in his campaign.  In his press release, he said he had raised or had commitments for $250,000.

$19,500 has been reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections so far.

McSweeney is trying to unseat Kent Gaffney, who was appointed to replace Mark Beaubien, and will also face Danielle Rowe, who is set to announce her candidacy Thursday.

  • 9-22 $7,500 – Loan from candidate
  • 10-8 $5,000 – Gerald R. Forsythe, CEO, Indeck Power Equipment, Wheeling, IL 60090
  • 10-8 $2,500 – Richard W. Porter, Kirkland & Ellis, Winnetka
  • 10-8 $2,500 – Thomas G. Fitzgerald, Attorney, BankNote Capital Corp, Naples, FL
  • 10-11 $2,000 – Daniel Dickinson, Hawthorn Woods

Kent Gaffney

Compare that to the big money–about $33,400–that Gaffney has raised:

  • 8-1 $1,000 – Citizens for Jim Watson, Jacksonville
  • 8-1 $1,000 – Citizens for Jim Durkin, Western Springs
  • 8-15 $5,000 – Vincent Foglia, CEO, Sage Products, No. Barrington
  • 8-15 $5,000 – Patricia Foglia, Patricia, Homemaker, No. Barrington
  • 8-15 $1,000 – James Lancaster, Retired, Barrington Hills
  • 8-15 $1,000 – Illinois State Medical Society PAC, Chicago, IL 60602 $1,000.00
  • 8/15 $1,000 – Roxelyn, Homemaker, Barrington
  • 8/24 $4,000 – Citizens for Mark Beaubien, Barrington
  • 8/26 $1,000 – Citizens for Sullivan, Mundelein
  • 8/29 $8,381.65 – Citizens for Mark Beaubien
  • 9/2 $1,000 – AT&T Services, Chicago
  • 9/27 $1,000 – Abbott Laboratories Employee PAC, Abbott Park
  • 10/4 $2,000 – Ameren, St. Louis

When I was in the Illinois House of Representatives Leader Lee Daniels pressed members to donate thousands of dollars to the House Republican Campaign Fund. As an alternative, contributions to designated endangered colleagues were acceptable. It is conceivable that current Republican House Leader Tom Cross, who served on Daniels’ Leadership Team before taking him out, has continued the same practice. $3,000 has been contributed from Gaffney’s House colleagues.

Ameren, along with Commonwealth Edison, is seeking an October override of Governor Pat Quinn’s veto for its so-called “Smart Grid.” Enactment that will raise electricity rates. (Alternatively Com Ed wants a mildly amended version passed.) Com Ed ally Ameren is the electric utility based in St. Louis, not exactly a household name in Commonwealth Edison’s franchise area.

Danielle Rowe

Danielle Rowe also has reported some contributions over $1,000–$9,500 so far:

  • 9/1 $2,500 – Berger Excavating Contractors, Wauconda
  • 9/6 $1,000 – William W. Kennedy (Rev Liv Tr), Owner, Kennedy Homes, South Barrington
  • 9/6 $1,500 – M.J. Miller & Co. International, Barrington
  • 9/10 $2,000 – Eric Weeder, McHenry
  • 9/12 $2,500 – M.J. Miller & Co. International, Barrington

There are familiar Barrington area names contributing to all candidates, although I notice that one, Thomas Fitzgerald, now has a Florida address.


Dave McSweeney’s vs. Kent Gaffney’s vs. Danielle Rowe’s Finances Thus Far – $19,500 vs. $33,400 vs. $9,500 — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, the RNC and the NRCC have interferred in the newly mapped 8th District too.

    Nice timeline original due date for filing last day to file was December 5th 2011
    Then the filing dates were changed by the three Judge Panel
    This was announced on 11 23 2011—Wednesday before Thanksgiving
    new filing dates wer set as December 23 to December 27th ( Christmans Day plans anyone?)

    Joe Walsh declared on December 8th, 3 days after the original filing deadline that he was leaving the race in the 14th District and would return to run in the new 8th District—-

    Two bona fide candidates, Darlene Ruscetti and Andrew Polomo were convinced by NRCC and others to withdraw and leave an uncontested Primary for Joe Walsh. Rich Evans, ( having heard so many inane and empty promises from GOP types in the past, filed and was on the ballot )

    Then Joe Walsh and the team of GOP insiders took “Objection” action aganst Rich Evans. There were dates and times of meetings changed and re-changed. The Springfield State Board of Elections lost and official “Appearance Form” that was properly faxed to the State Board.

    Now what is up with the clear the decks mentality for th GOP and he fair and useful primary process?

    Oh yeah—McSweeney tried the tactic of legal nonsense challenges to clear Gaffney and Rowe off the ballot—– Walsh and the NRCC employed lies, empty promises and other tactics to clear the ballot for Joe Walsh.

    I liked Gaffney’s letter and yes I think Reagan’s 11th commandment should be a principle of candidates. So what do you say now Joe? I have heard from so many people that have issues both political and some personal regarding how Joe conducted his campaign and his private life.

    So I may stay in the race to determine how much political “hay” has been made and how many facts will be used by the other candidates, Tammy D or Raj, to attack Joe and win the seat in Congress. That must be avoided. don’t you agree?

    Rich Evan CPA
    Candidate for the US House of Representatives

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