Dave McSweeney Mails Biographical Piece

One of things I would like to do this election cycle is publish the mailings of candidates.  All candidates have to do is email them to me.

Today we see the first one of the election season.  It is a biographical piece from David McSweeney.  McSweeney is not an unknown, having run for Congress against Melissa Bean six years ago.  Nevertheless, the 52nd State Rep. District includes territory southeast of the 8th Congressional District in which he ran, so he needs to introduce himself to those potential constituents, as well as reintroduce himself to those in the current 8th District.

So, let’s look at McSweeney’s first mailing.

This is the address side. Click to enlarge any panel.

This is the back of the piece, which some people might look at first.

As one opens the mailer, here is what you see. Remember, you can enlarge these images by clicking on them.

Unfold the piece again and there is a huge version of this. You'll probably have to click on it to see what it says.

McSweeney is running against two first-time candidates:

  • Appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney and
  • Danielle Rowe

In his piece you can see the word “Proven.” It is not much of a reach to infer that his opponents are deemed to be “unproven.”

What would one contrast with some of the other words he uses?

  • Conservative
  • Experienced
  • Leader
  • Honest

Undoubtedly I’m reaching too far, but these early pieces have hints of what is to come in a well-planned campaign.

As issues McSweeney lists

  • jobs (making Illinois more competitive with neighboring states)
  • government waste (cutting 10% of administrative costs in all agencies)
  • repealing the 67% (really 68%, if one rounds up, as I was taught in grade school) income tax
  • cutting legislative pay by 10% and ending bloated legislative pensions

He also lists some background, including having served as Republican Precinct Captain (equivalent to a Precinct Committeeman outside of Cook County) in Palatine, Barrington and Schaumburg Townships.

From the listing of an internship in the Reagan-Bush 1984 campaign, I would guess that’s when he got active in the political arena.

McSweeney points out that he has raised capital for American companies, which may speak to his fund raising capabilities.


Dave McSweeney Mails Biographical Piece — 4 Comments

  1. Someone call Zane and Gus, this candidate has the audacity to use five point stars and, from what I can see, they are aligned like those on the US Flag!!

    Open an investigation-this travesty may mislead people in to linking McSweeney with America!!

    And, hold on, I think I see the colors red, white and blue on the bindings of the books behind him!!

    Yet another representation of the US of A. We need to conveve special counsel to investigate this.

  2. It’s a good piece. But he is still a mediocre candidate. You meet him and you just want to know if there is another option. I believe there is and her name is Danielle Rowe.

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