Danielle Rowe Officially Announces for State Rep.

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe follows. She is running against appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney and David McSweeney. This is the seat previously held by Mark Beaubien.

Danielle Rowe Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Wauconda, IL – In front of an enthusiastic group of small-business owners, community leaders, friends, family and distinguished guests, Marketing Executive Danielle Rowe announced her candidacy for State Representative this past Wednesday evening at Casten Auto Body in Wauconda.

Danielle Rowe announces candidacy for State Rep.

“My name is Danielle Rowe, I am a lifelong social and fiscal conservative Republican and today I am announcing my candidacy for State Representative for the 52nd district,” said Rowe.

Former State Rep. Penny Pullen introduced Danielle Rowe to the crowd.

Rowe was introduced to the large crowd by former State Representative and pro-life activist, Penny Pullen.

“Danielle Rowe’s candidacy presents a unique opportunity for voters to send an independent conservative voice to Springfield. She’s smart, she’s determined, she does her own homework, and she will raise her voice on behalf of taxpayers and struggling families,” said Pullen. “She’s a fighter with a heart of gold. She’s what we need to shake up Springfield.”

Danielle Rowe was born and raised in Wauconda, currently resides in Island Lake.

Her strong work ethic and personal belief in God, family and community began taking shape at a young age working in her family business, CD Rowe Construction Company.

Currently, Danielle works as a Marketing Executive for Surface Preparation Technologies in Chicago.

Danielle Rowe in "I mean business" mode.

She prides herself in her integrity and commitment to organizing, planning, and creating new ways to better her community and supporting our troops.

“I believe it is time to turn the page and usher in a new generation of conservative leadership for our party and our state. I believe it is time to end the crony capitalism and insider dealing and make sure there is one set of rules by which everyone must play. I believe it is time to take the fight to the Chicago Democrats and go-along Republicans who have decimated our state’s economy,”

Rowe told the crowd.

After the announcement, a reception and fundraiser was held at J & D’s Bar and Grill in Wauconda. Rowe thanked the crowd for their support and told them how she is looking forward to representing them in Springfield.

“I will be your Voice. I will be your small business champion. I will be your conservative citizen legislator and together we will take our state back,” said Rowe.

“Danielle is an important part of our community.

“She has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and outside of the box thinking that we desperately need in Springfield today” said Lake County Republican Chairman Bob Cook.

“Her work with veterans and our military families reveals a level of character and integrity that we should expect from all of our political leaders. She would make an excellent representative.”


Danielle Rowe Officially Announces for State Rep. — 4 Comments

  1. The disclosure is only required on solicitations.

    I continue to be amazed that even judicial candidates put it on literature that does not ask for funds.

  2. >> The disclosure is only required on solicitations.

    Sure, that’s why the Rowe campaign fixed it after my comment, right? “Paid for by…” goes on everything. There’s a longer one specifically for fundraising solicitations.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the the Rowe campaign noted my observation and has brought there website into compliance with Illinois campaign law.

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