Illinois GOP Congressional Candidates Reveal Monetary Resources, Walsh’s & Hultgren’s Analyzed

Since the deadline for reporting third quarter of the year campaign contributions and expenditures is mid-October, I decided to take a look at how Illinois Republican Congressmen/woman are doing.

I looked at the 14th District GOP candidates first. It pits freshmen Congressmen Randy Hultgren and Joe Walsh against each other.

Randy Hultgren shows net contributions of $165,945, after $21,000 of refunds from July 1st through September 30th.  He has $275,810 in the bank.  Details are below:

Randy Hultgren's 3rd Quarter Campaign Disclosure

Joe Walsh has $446,058 available.

Although Hultgren outraised Walsh during this quarter by about $16,545, Walsh has over $190,000 more in the bank.

Walsh owes $44,000; Hultgren $55,000.

Joe Walsh reported raising $145,699 during the 3rd quarter.

Joe Walsh

Looking at where the money came from, Walsh got $118,700 from individuals (after refunds);  $27,000 from Political Action Committees (no refunds).

Hulgren’s contributions from individuals after refunds totaled $107,345.  He received $55,900 from PACs (after refunding $1,000).

So, total contributed this quarter:

  • $163,245 for Hultgren
  • $145,700 for Walsh

Of the donations this quarter, Walsh has a higher percentage from individuals:

Randy Hultgren

  • 81.5% for Walsh
  • 65.8% for Hultgren

Conversely, Hultgren received a higher percentage from PACs:

  • 34.2% for Hultgren
  • 18.5% for Walsh

Total available for the coming primary election:

  • $446,058 for Walsh
  • $275,810 for Hultgren

The other Illinois race pitting two incumbents is the 16th, where 10-term veteran Don Manzullo is being challenged by freshman Adam Kinzinger.

Manzullo raised $316,558 during the three-month period and has $483,994 in the bank.

Don Manzullo's 3rd Quarter campaign disclosure summary.

The 14th and the 8th are the only two congressional districts where it’s incumbent Republican versus incumbent Republican.

Kinzinger, in contrast, has $567,012 cash on hand, after raising $202,441 during July, August and September.

Adam Kinzinger's 3rd quarterly report to the Federal Elections Commission.

Other Republicans are in danger, however.

Veteran Judy Biggert will be running against former Democratic Congressman Bill Foster.

She has $298,250 in the bank vs. Foster’s $339,687.

The 3rd quarterly FEC report for Congresswoman Judy Biggert.

Foster has about $40,000 more in hand, but it’s a Republican year, so who knows?

Here is Bill Foster's 3rd Quarter report on campaign finances.

Freshman Bobby Schiller has been put into a convoluted district whose edge nearest McHenry County is Rockford. The potential opponent I have heard most about is Cheri Bustos, who has been endorsed by Emily’s List, the national Pro-Choice group that endorsed opponents of mine in times past.

Freshman Bobby Schilling has filed this 3rd Quarter report with the FEC.

Schilling has $450,290 available.  Cheri Busto reported $131,451 on hand.

Democrat Cheri Bustos reports $131,451 in the bank.

There is another Democratic Party candidate in the face, State Senator David Koehler of Peoria.  He raised $121,777, less than Bustos this quarter.

David Koehler reporting having $162,866 on hand, $31,000 more than Cheri Bustos.

Congressman Tim Johnson might or might not have former State Rep. Jay Hoffman, a former Rod Blagojevich House floor leader, challenge him in a district Mike Madigan (or maybe it was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) drew.

Johnson has $379,425 on hand versus $131,564 in Hoffman’s bank account.

Here's what Congressman Tim Johnson reported on his 3rd Quarter report.

There’s speculation that Hoffman might want to run in retiring Democrat Jerry Costello’s district farther south, but based in the Metro-East area across from St. Louis.

Democrat Jay Hoffman reports $131,564 in his campaign checking account.

The North Shore’s Robert Dold is running for re-election against a Democrat to be named in next March’s primary election.

He has $367,665 available.  This is a Chicago TV market district in which a lot more than that will be needed.

The 3rd Quarter report for Robert Dold.

The biggest Republican congressional campaign fund in our area I have left until last. It belongs to Congressman Peter Roskam.

Unless the Federal Court reverses the Democrats reapportionment map lines, Roskam will represent our household in 2013.

Assistant House Whip Peter Roskam has more money in the bank than any other Illinois GOP Congressman.

Roskam has $1,767,463 in his campaign coffers.

I looked at Republicans in the 8th Congressional District, too.  The only one reporting that I could find was Barrington’s Andrew Palamo, who had $4,484 on hand.

8th District GOP candidate Andrew Palomo reporting having $4,484 available.

Peoria’s Aaron Schock reported having $1,9323,275 to spend on his campaign.  That’s even more than Roskam has.

Aaron Schock had $1.9 million.

Veteran John Shimkus filed late on Saturday.  He had about $1.2 million available for his re-election campaign.

John Shimkus reported having $1,298,502 on hand at the end of the 3rd quarter.


Illinois GOP Congressional Candidates Reveal Monetary Resources, Walsh’s & Hultgren’s Analyzed — 5 Comments

  1. Walsh may have a positive bank account, but as for integrity and credibility, he is running the second biggest deficit in America, behind Barry Obama.

  2. Joe Walsh has a score of 95% from Heritage Action in voting to promote “freedom, opportunity, prosperity and a civil society” on over 30 bills in the 112th Congress that Heritage Action has scored. Joe Walsh has the best (highest) score of anyone in the Illinois delegation to Washington, D.C.

    Joe Walsh is the most credible and Joe Walsh has the most integrity of anyone in the Illinois delegation in voting to support the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Republican Platform.

    Many people talk the talk but when they are voting in D.C. they don’t walk the walk.

    Joe Walsh votes right and anyone can see how their representative is voting in D.C. now by going to the Heritage Action Score Card and check the record.

    Randy has a score of 77%, which means that almost 25% of the time he votes to reduce freedom, etc and moves us towards socialism/communism and tyranny, which is the path Obama is taking us on.

  3. I guess it’s easy to say you support the Founding Fathers since they didn’t put a requirement in the Constitution that you not be a deadbeat to represent your constituency and more importantly not be a hypocrite about it.

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