Joe Walsh Slams President Obama for Comparing Occupy Wall Street to Tea Party Movement

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Congressman Joe Walsh Slams President Obama for Comparing Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party

Joe Walsh

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh released the following statement in response to President Obama’s comments yesterday comparing the Occupy Wall Street Protests to the Tea Party Movement:

“President Obama, you are dead wrong when you try to compare the Wall Street protests of the past few weeks with the now almost four-year-old tea party movement.

“The tea party movement is an organic, bottom up movement of millions of Americans who are upset with how big government is getting and how we’re bankrupting future generations.

“These Wall Street protests are top down, well funded, and coordinated efforts by very leftist individuals to protest and disrupt commerce and advocate for more and bigger government.

“I won’t speak for the Occupy Wall Street protestors – their goal seems to be to trash parks and sidewalks and add to local taxpayer’s bills.

“But, I will speak for tea party folks.

“When you say that these folks feel separated from their government, you are either purposely misrepresenting them or you really don’t understand American history.

“Tea party folks feel suffocated by their government.

“They want government off their backs.

“Your policy of over regulating, over taxing, and over spending is killing the private economy and saddling future generations with an unforgivable debt.

“President Obama, you don’t understand what makes this country great and your support for the Occupy Wall Street crowd only reinforces how out of touch you are.

“That crowd only wants to cause disruption.

“They aren’t serious about what’s best for this country and the vast majority of Americans will ignore their socialistic ideas.

“By coordinating your message with theirs, you once again are playing politics and not being straight with the American people.

“Thankfully, most voters now understand your aims.”


Joe Walsh Slams President Obama for Comparing Occupy Wall Street to Tea Party Movement — 3 Comments

  1. He understands finances?

    I’m in the tea party, and we don’t need people like Walsh destroying all that we built. I voted for Walsh, and I regret it. I want to be proud of my elected official. Not one that says he’s like me, he’s not me, I pay my bills and believe in honor and God. Joe needs help not votes. He’s quickly becoming a national embarasement and the state of Illinois’ next Rod!

    But, hey, don’t take my word for it, please go to this link:

  2. Hey “A republican says” if you aren’t a member of Randy Hultgren’s staff I suggest you put your name on posts such as the one above.

    Joe Walsh is destroying nothing, he is voting exactly as his real tea party and conservative constituents want him to.

    How much is Hultgren paying you to work on his campaign and to troll blogs to post nonsense about Walsh?

  3. Walsh is exactly what his opponents said he would be, an ignorant zealot. The typical Walsh voter is a low functioning nihilistic moron with an at best dubious connection to reality.

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