Have the Illinois Teachers Federation Lobbyists No Morals? Plus the House Roll Call

Nothing but greed, combined with no morals, can explain how teacher union lobbyists can think of accepting a pension larger than those teachers receive for one day of substitute teaching.

It wasn’t the lead story on the front page of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, but it certainly could have been.

Two teacher union lobbyists stand to get pensions larger than teachers–as a retired teacher pointed out to me as I was planting daffodils this afternoon–by substitute teaching for ONE day.

Illinois Federation of Teachers lobbyists

  • David Piccioli and
  • Steve Preckwinkle, have you no shame?

Have you no morals?

Is your taking advantage of this Teachers Retirement Fund loophole that seems to have been passed only to benefit you a reflection of how perfidious your representation of the Chicago Teachers Union and other IFT affiliates have been for the past thirty or so years?

I think my standard operating procedure of voting “No” on almost all pension bills the sixteen years I was in the Illinois House was probably a good idea.

What Preckwinlke and Piccioli did is even worse that taxpayers being forced by state legislation to pay National Education Association (and before than Illinois Education Association) President Reggie Weaver getting a huge pension. At least he taught in Harvey.

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Here’s the House roll call on Senate Bill 35.  All Senators voted for the bill.

Locally, Democrat Jack Franks and Republican MikeTryon voted for the bill. Republican Bob Churchill opposed it. Mark Beaubien did not vote.


Have the Illinois Teachers Federation Lobbyists No Morals? Plus the House Roll Call — 5 Comments

  1. This is stellar! Google Steven Preckwinkle and you’ll find articles he has written. Unbelieveable.

    Meanwhile, he’s stealing from us… typical. I’m so disgustingly tired of corruption in ILLINOIS!

  2. Should I believe that the union heads and the teachers and administrators knew nothing about this? How about our Springfield officials?

    Is that why it took the Tribune to put the info before the public?

  3. Who are the actuaries (or people) that calculated the contributions and resulting pensions? The employee and employer contributions are too low and the State of IL (taxpayer) contribution is too high. The people who voted for this legislation should enact claw back legislation, now that the scam has been exposed.

    Look at all these Representatives still in one political office or another since they voted yes for Senate Bill 36 in 1996 in the 94th General Assembly: Edward Acevedo (D), Daniel Beiser (D), Patricia Bellock (R), Maria Berrios (D), Mike Bost (R), Dan Brady (R), Rich Brauer (R), Daniel Burke (D), Linda Chapa Lavia (D), Annazette Collins (D) – now in Illinois State Senate, Marlow Colvin (D), Tom Cross (R), Barbara Currie (D), John D’Amico (D), Monique Davis (D), William Davis (D), Lisa Duggan (D), Kenneth Dunkin (D), Jim Durkin (R), Roger Eddy (R), Sara Feigenholtz (D), Mary Flowers (D), Jack Franks (D), Esther Golar (D), Jehan Gordon (D), Thomas Holbrook (D), Constance Howard (D), Randy Hultgren (R), Naomi Jakobsson (D), Charles Jefferson (D), Renee Kosel (R), Lou Lang (D), David Leitch (R), Joseph Lyons (D), Sidney Mathias (R), Frank Mautino (D), Karen May (D), Michael McAuliffe (R), Kevin McCarthy (D), Jack McGuire (D), Susana Mendoza (D) – now Chicago City Clerk, Bill Mitchell (R), Jerry Mitchell (R), Donald Moffitt (R), Rosemary Mulligan (R), Elaine Nekritz (D), JoAnn Osmond (R), Harry Osterman (D) – now on Chicago City Council, Brandon Phelps (D), Sandra Pihos (R), Raymond Poe (R), Robert Pritchard (R), Randy Ramey (R), David Reis (R), Robert Rita (D), Chapin Rose (R), Jim Sacia (R), Angelo Saviano (R), Timothy Schmitz (R), Keith Sommer (R), Cynthia Soto (D), Ed Sullivan (R), Jil Tracy (R), Mike Tryon (R), Arthur Turner (D), Patrick Verschoore (D), Jim Watson (R), Dave Winters (R), Karen Yarbrough (D), and Speaker Michael Madigan (D). If I counted tabulated and correctly, which it wouldn’t surprise me if I made a few errors for which I apologize, that’s 70/118 which is 59%. How many of those received campaign contributions from the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) or its PAC?

  4. Both Steven Preckwinkle and Dave Piccioli are disgusting people and hopefully they will die in the near future and not be able to collect the pensions that they are looking to steal from hardworking teachers in Illinois that so rightly deserve pensions.

    These are 2 fat cat political types that are the reason why no one looks favorably on Illinois or UNIONS in general.

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