Who Said He “Would Welcome an Investigation?”

The date was October 20th.

The year was 2007.

The source was the Northwest Herald.

An article by Brandon Coutre and Regan Foster.

The story’s title?

“AG: No complain filed.”


“LeFew, Bianchi spar over expenses allegations.”

It was a “pile-on” article with GOP County Chairman Bill LeFew and his ally Keith Nygren pushing for a probe of McHenry County State’s Attorney’s alleged use of public money for campaign purposes.

The story says that “Nygren said he would welcome an investigation, just to settle the allegations that had been leveled against Bianchi’s office.

“‘There is no other way to resolve this now, because the finger-pointing and allegations aren’t helping anyone,'” the Sheriff said then.

He called for “an independent investigation by an outside, credible source that has jurisdiction…”

Apparently one of those “For thee, but not for me” kind of statements, because…

Friday Nygren attorney Mark Gummerson will continue his efforts to make certain that Judge Thomas Meyer does not appoint a Special Prosecutor. He will be joined in those efforts by Special Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Caldwell.


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