Jack Franks’ Tax Limitation Bill Advances

Jack Franks

A Jack Franks’ bill that would prevent most local governments from getting more money in year two than they did in year one if real estate assessments are declining flew out of the House Revenue Committee 6-1 Tuesday.

There is a caveat in the legislation.

Voters could approve a higher percentage increase by referendum.

This is bill that will be fought tooth and nail by all non-Home Rule units.

Home Rule units are those municipalities with over 25,000 people, plus those, like Barrington Hills, where local voters have approved the Home Rule status by referendum. Cook County is also a Home Rule unit.

Home Rule units have no taxing limits.

All the other tax district, schools, parks, counties, small villages and cities, townships, etc., would have their tax take capped under this proposal

The bill has been placed on “Short Debate,” which means only two people may speak on each side of the issue.

You can safely assume that more will want to talk.

Proponents to make points for the taxpaying public and those who view their role as primarily protecting the self-interest of schools and other tax districts to defend them.

My guess is that the bill will not clear both houses of the Illinois General Assembly.

And, if it does, who knows what this on-again, off-again progressive government will do. He owes an awful lot to public employee–including teachers’–unions and less money from taxpayers potentially means less money for them.

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