School Supt. State Rep. Roger Eddy Throws Wrench at Jack Franks’ Tax Cap Bill

State Rep. Roger Eddy. Photo credit States News Service.

No doubt which side of the taxpayer Downstate Republican State Representative Roger Eddy is on.

It’s not the taxpayers’.

This is the legislator who wanted to loosen the Real Estate Tax Cap in the early 2000’s in order to allow local governments, including the one for which he serves as School Superintendent, to pry more money out of citizens’ pockets.

As I remember the bill, Eddy wanted to tie the rate of increase not to the Consumer Price Index, but to an index that pretty much measured public employee salaries.

That would, of course, set up circular process whereby high teacher salaries would have triggered the ability of schools and other local governments to get more taxes than would be allowed under the CPI.

That was the case in four out of five years I looked at back then.

Well, now double-dipper Eddy has filed a couple of requests for notes that will slow down the consideration of House Bill 3793, as you can see below:

Requests for notes like this are usually an attempt to slow down the legislative process.

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