The Proposed Chicago Speed Trap

On Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times was the first to blow the whistle on Rahm Emmanuel's attempt to finance Chicago city government by having Red Light cameras trigger speeding tickets.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel needs money.

When Chicago mayors need money, they look for ways to make non-Chicago residents’ pocketbooks lighter.

Think of the Regional Transportation Authority, which exported the CTA’s financial woes to the whole Chicago metropolitan area.

General Fund revenues (to be financed by the new Lottery) and gas taxes for us because the overnight Chicago Transit Authority service wasn’t paying its own way.

This Chicago mayor’s latest proposal is to pull $100 bills out of the pockets of those using Chicago streets via the already-installed Red Light cameras.

He can’t levy an income tax on suburbanites who work in Chicago. That would take legislative authority and the opposition would be immense.

Much more than for a speeding ticket system near the schools of our precious children.

Do any driving in Chicago?

Tempted to go with the traffic flow when it is moving?

Ever try to beat a red light?

If so, this legislation is aimed at you.

I remember well the rants of Danville’s State Rep. Bill Black about how his constituents got Chicago parking tickets when they had never been in Chicago.

Presumably, speeding tickets will go to the right car owners.

Jack Franks

Let’s give the technology that.

But, there are going to be a lot of very unhappy people getting $100 speeding tickets.

They will be living not only in the suburbs, but in Chicago.

Well, an idea to raise money for Chicago can’t always be financed exclusively by suburbanites.

You may remember that our own McHenry County Democrat Jack Franks was one of the sponsors of the original Red Light Camera bill.

Without those Red Light Cameras, this scheme would not be possible.

While yesterday's editorial in the Sun-Times probably did not get too much attention among legislators in Springfield, this front page article in the Chicago Tribune today will. It will give motorists a shot at beating this bill.

I wonder if he has learned the lesson that his constituents don’t like big brother pulling money out of their pockets.

Maybe these "Pay Toll 1 Mile" signs will have "and Get Your Chance at a Speeding Ticket, Too."

And, if this passes, did you know that the Tollway’s I-Pass toll tax sucker-uppers can register the speed of vehicles also.

Will this proposal give the Tollway Board, yesterday stripped of critics by Governor Pat Quinn, ideas?


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