Cary Grade School Teacher Contract Settlement Reached, But Details Kept Secret

The Cary School District's Administrative Office.

A press release from Cary Elementary School District 26:

Board and CEA Reach Tentative Agreement on All Issues

The Board of Education of Cary Community Consolidated School District 26 and the Cary Education Association, which represents the teachers in labor negotiations, announced today that on Wednesday evening they reached a
tentative agreement on all outstanding issues.

The parties have been in negotiations since November in an effort to reach agreement on a new contract.

The previous collective bargaining agreement expired at the start of the 2011‐2012 school years.

The terms of the contract will be presented to the teachers for ratification next week and the Board of Education soon after. Details of the agreement will be released after ratification.

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Unlike McHenry County College, which released a summary of the contract its board will approve tonight, local school boards, such as Cary’s, won’t let taxpayers know how the bulk of their taxes will be spent.  Typically, 80% of a school district’s operating expenditures go for salaries.  Some, of course, are for non-teachers, but faculty salaries make up most of that 80%.

I cannot understand why this does not disturb more people.


Cary Grade School Teacher Contract Settlement Reached, But Details Kept Secret — 3 Comments

  1. I think there are many reasons more people are not disturbed. More people are getting upset about teacher pay and benefits every year. Most people figure there is nothing they can do to reduce teacher pay and benefits. It’s a rather complex issue, as pay varies by district. The unions are experts at using rhetoric to disguise and refute the high pay and benefits. The school district and board does not expose to the public in an easy to understand format the high pay and benefits. Unless one understands politics, it’s a little difficult to understand the intricacies. There is no organized citizen group, whereas the unions are very organized. It takes a lot of time to understand a collective bargaining agreement, and most people just don’t have the desire to spend the amount time required. Your average citizen not in a union knows nothing about collective bargaining.

  2. Why isn’t it subject to FOIA? Since TAXPAYERS foot the bill, TAXPAYER should be given the details. This is the problem with the education system. Everything is done behind doors. Kids are secondary to the WANTS of the teachers.

    This is just plain wrong!

  3. I wonder if Cary District 26 will release the term sheet after the union ratifies the terms and the board approves the terms. That’s what happened at CUSD300. After the terms are approved, the next step is to finalize the wording in the collective bargaining agreement, and then both sides approve the collective bargaining agreement. At least that’s my understanding.

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