Mike Tryon’s Electric Industry Contributions

Previously, McHenry County Blog has reported on the contributions from Commonwealth Edison, Ameren and others to State Senator Pam Althoff and State Rep. Jack Franks.

Both voted to override Governor Pat Quinn’s veto, Franks a last minute switch.

State Senator Dan Duffy gave a scorching speech against the bill, addressing the

  • business end, which he said required an outside audit to see how efficiently Com Ed is operating, and the
  • ethics’ side, pointing out that the father of bill sponsor Mike Jacobs was a Com Ed lobbyist.

Newly-appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney also voted “No.”

I figure that balance requires me to look at the donations that State Rep. Mike Tryon, who supported the bill, received.

The figures you see below are taken from the Committee on Political Reform’s data base, a compilation of businesses and executives thereof who the Committee judged to have a financial interest in the Senate Bill 1652’s veto override.

The total is $5,750.

To put this in perspective, here are the totals of contributions Tryon reported to the State Board of Elections for the first three-fourths of the year:

  • 1st Quarter – $1,754
  • 2nd Quarter – $30,714
  • 3rd Quarter – $21,690

Total – $54,158

So contributions that the Committee for Political Reform consider linked to companies supporting the electric rate hike bill total 10.6% of Tryon’s contributions for the first three-quarters of 2011.


Mike Tryon’s Electric Industry Contributions — 8 Comments

  1. Okay – send Tryon packing too……

    It’s time for new blood.

    F ranks A lthoff T ryon –

    F A T – first initials? F A T Wallets – time to go. We the People can’t afford you or your ties.

  2. Right on, anonymous. I would vote for a Democrat over Tryon at this point.

    If I write more regarding my opinions, I might be lectured by other bloggers again.

    Keep up the good work, Cal.

  3. Most disappointing, we need to vote Tyron and Althoff out. End the insanity now!

  4. Just one moore example! The taxpayer doesn’t have a chance when there is this type of thing going on. Regardless of the career politician, vote them all out.

    Could we do worse?

  5. Time to boot them all out-need people who will really represent the people of McHenry county.

    That also goes for the rest of the elected officials that are supposed to represent the AMERICAN people and not the corporations and all the banks.

  6. Who votes for these people???

    I think “I cant belive it” should take tryons place.

    I can proudly say i didn’t vote for any of them in office.

    Can you?

    Vote Ron Paul 2012

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