Shawn Green Rolls Out Web Site for County Board Race

This looks as if it could end up as a Shawn Green yard sign.

Former Huntley School District 158 Board President is running for the McHenry County Board in a very crowded  District contest.

Today he sent me the link to his new web site.

It’s pretty sparse at the moment, but there is an image of what looks like a future yard sign.

Here’s what he says to potential constituents:

Shawn Green at the April 15, 2010, Tea Party demonstration in Crystal Lake.

I am a ten year resident of McHenry County; my wife Angela and I are raising our two daughters in unincorporated Coral Township.
 I am a veteran police sergeant for a large suburban municipality, Republican Precinct Committeeman, and former president of the District 158 Board of Education. 

I have a solid record of leadership, fiscal accountability, and transparency in government. During my five year tenure on the school board (2005-2010), the district got its finances in order, experienced significant gains in student achievement, and attained true reform in openness and transparency.

As a McHenry County Board member, I will be committed to

  • fostering responsible growth,
  • insisting on pro-business and pro-jobs policies,
  • conserving open space,
  • protecting ground water supplies,
  • ensuring governmental transparency, and
  • safeguarding taxpayers’ interests.

I look forward to serving you, and thank you for your support.

He also lists experience and comments on current events, which might help some figure out where he is coming from.

This is going to be a race where candidates who identifies enough votes and gets them to the polls will probably win.

10,644 votes cast in the 2008 Presidential Primary Election.

8,942 case in the 2010 Republican Primary with 34,000 registered voters.

Those totals are for two-position races.

Four seats up in 2012, so there will be twice as many votes.

Let’s say 22,000 votes to be expected (work with 25,000 to be safe).

Divide the number of candidates into 25,000-27,000 and what do you get?n

If it’s nine candidates, an even split would mean winner would end up getting 3,000 or so votes. Randy Donley received 2,943 in 2008 with five candidates.

The top vote getter in 2010 was Mary McCann. She received 2,541 votes also in a five-candidate race.

Candidates should make their own estimates and try to identify that many supporters and get them to the polls.

Whoever does that best will probably win.


Shawn Green Rolls Out Web Site for County Board Race — 3 Comments

  1. According to some,

    Mr. Green ran the school board like a police officer runs things.

    The improvement in the district is not solely or mostly because of Mr. Green. He was there and did contribute to a certain extent.

    He is suited to being a police officer at this point.

  2. If someone already works for the public, they should not be running for an elected position. It is a conflict of interest, pure and simple. And I don’t want to vote for someone who has to recuse themselves from voting.

    I want my representative to be able to vote and represent me.

    I think the one exception is County Sheriff.

    I would be pleased to consider Mr. Green’s candidacy for that position, although I plan on supporting Mr. Seipler, who truly is a put up or shut up, stand up kind of guy.

    Zane, could you make a difference at county board? I know you’re a plaintiff, but hey, if other people with conflicts of interest can run for office, why not you?

  3. Greenlee, do you even know what you’re talking about – or do you type just to see your name on a screen?

    Green works in Cook County, and for his work he is compensated – and rightfully so.

    If you want to complain about representation and compensation, then perhaps you should take up the fight for minimal or no compensation for county board members.

    I want someone to represent me as well, but the reality is these people represent more than just you or me.

    Such individual representation is called a lobbyist.

    As far as Siepler and the Nottingham Sheriff, I’m still waiting for the “shut up” part of your statement.

    Those two goofs are nearing the Linda Moore stratosphere in terms of per capita litigation costs.

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