Lake County School Board Member Told She Can’t Offer Compensation to People for Voter Registration

A press release from the Lake County Tea Party about misdeeds at the Grayslake Grade School District.

Lake County State’s Attorney Finds District 46 School Board Member Committed Felonies
State’s Attorney will not prosecute

(Round Lake, IL – October 31, 2011) The Lake County State’s Attorney has concluded that District 46 School Board Member Sue Facklam committed at least 2 felonies yet they will not prosecute. Here is the excerpt of the letter sent to Ms. Facklam.

Our Office has completed its investigation of the allegations contained in the complaint and concluded that you in fact violated Section 29-1 of the Illinois Election Code by giving $5 CuIver’s gift certificates to at least two individuals in order to influence them to register to vote during this most recent election cycle. This conduct constitutes a Class 4 felony for which you could be prosecuted.

Because our investigation did not uncover a broader pattern of illegal payments and in the exercise of our prosecutorial discretion, we have decided not to prosecute you at this time for this offense. However, because the election process relics upon the honesty and integrity of deputy registrars, and your recent conduct tends to subvert that process, we are copying Lake County Clerk Willard Helander with a copy of this letter . It is our recommendation to Ms. Helander that you be removed for cause as a deputy registrar pursuant to Section 4-6.2(b) of the Ilinois Election Code.

Because of Ms. Facklam’s blatant disregard for the law of Illinois, the Lake County Tea Party calls for the immediate removal of Ms. Facklam from the District 46 School Board and Special Education District Of Lake County (SEDOL).

Ms. Facklam should no longer be allowed to hold a position of responsibility as a role model to the children of this community.

Lake County Tea Party chairman Lennie Jarratt welcomes all area residents to contact the Tea Party if they have questions about the organization’s activities or positions on issues. Please call the Lake County Tea Party at (847) 302-3985 ot

About Lake County Tea Party

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Round Lake Beach, Lake County Tea Party is a grassroots organization working to restore fiscal sanity to all levels of government and to support the U.S. Constitution.


Lake County School Board Member Told She Can’t Offer Compensation to People for Voter Registration — 3 Comments

  1. I guess you can add that law to the long list of offenses which should not be felonies.

  2. “School Board Member Sue Facklam committed at least 2 felonies yet they will not prosecute.”

    What?! At least 2 FELONIES!

    A felony is a felony.

    Why wait for more?

    Wrong is wrong.

    Prosecute her.

    Also, Facklam needs to resign from the Board. She is not a good role model — teaching 18 year olds that their votes can be purchased. More Chicago politics. Do the right thing.

  3. Sue Facklam is a Director-at-Large member of the Executive Committee of the Lake Division of the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB).

    As reported above, Ms. Facklam is also the Vice President-Governing Board member of the Executive Board of the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL).

    This is the same Sue Facklam that gave Culver’s gift cards to students in exchange for them registering to vote in the upcoming school board election, in which she herself was re-elected.

    IASB reports that 98 percent of Illinois public school districts, nearly 6,000 elected school board members, are members of IASB.

    SEDOL represents 35 member school districts from Lake County.

    So Sue Facklam is representing not only Grayslake District 46, but virtually all school districts in Lake County, in her elected positions.

    Will Grayslake School District 46, IASB, and SEDOL accept her exchange of Culvers gift cards to students who register to vote? An activity she herself admitted in email is probably illegal?

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