Cary-Grove, Prairie Ridge and Marengo High Schools Make Top 50 Chicago Area Schools

A Praairie Ridge High School Band parent was at Marengo Settlers Days Parade.

The Chicago Sun-Times ranked grade schools, middle schools and high schools using average scores on state achievement tests.

The paper’s analysis ranked the percentage of students who met statewide standards.

I scanned the results and found no grade or middle schools from McHenry County on the Top 50 lists for Chicago area schools.

The list’s cut off for grade schools was 79.25%, meaning that all grade schools in McHenry County had more than 20.75% if their students who did not meet state standards.

The middle school cut off was 74.05%. Using similar logic, one could conclude that almost 26% of those attending did not meet state standards.

For high schools, the Top 50 cut off was 63.84%, meaning, it appears to me, that all the rest of high schools had more than 36.2% of their 11th grade students who didn’t meet the standards.

Marengo High Schoool

There were, however, three high schools in McHenry County on the Top 50 Sun-Times list.

There were

  • Cary-Grove at 68.2%, ranked 34th in the Chicago area, 40th in the state
  • Prairie Ridge in Crystal Lake at 66.26%, ranked 41st in the Chicago area, 53rd in the state
  • Marengo, ranked 49th in the Chicago area, 74th in the state.

On its web site, the Marengo High School District says,

“We are #49 and we are the only small school (less than 1000 students) and the only rural school on the list.”

2009-10 School Report Cards show the following costs per student:

  • Cary-Grove & Prairie Ridge- $11,844 (District 155 average)
  • Marengo – $12,145

Average teacher salaries follow:

  • Prairie Ridge & Cary-Grove – $93,574 (District 155 average)
  • Marengo – $67,857

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