McHenry County College Won’t Reveal Management Faults

Most of what outside auditors do is pretty dry.

Having served on the Illinois Legislative Audit Commission, I’ve read enough of them.

The real interesting stuff is in the Management Letter.

When I saw McHenry County College Board Agenda for October 27th had the Management Letter on it, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for it.

It took the maximum length of time to receive a reply and it was, in a word:  “No.”

The denial letter is below. Click to enlarge.

So, again MCC retreats into its secret chamber and refuses to reveal problems, this time discovered by its outside auditor


McHenry County College Won’t Reveal Management Faults — 1 Comment

  1. Do I understand correctly that they COULD release the information but have fallen back on the “exemption” option?

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