“99% of McHenry County” To Support Occupy Movement

A press release from the Social Justice Committee Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Woodstock”

Woodstock UU’s Call for Rally of the 99% in Support of the Occupy Movement.
Woodstock—A Rally by the 99% of McHenry County in support of the Occupy Movement has been called by the Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Woodstock for Tuesday, November 15 from 5 to 6:30 PM in front of the church at Dean and South Streets.
“The movement spawned by Occupy Wall Street is continuing into its second month undeterred by either harsh weather or police attacks on the spreading movement around the country.  In the spirit of a faith tradition rooted in social justice and committed to honoring the interconnectedness of humanity, we are offering our support,” said Patrick Murfin, coordinator of the event for the Committee.
“Unitarian Universalist Association President Peter Morales has urged us to live up to these values and across the country U.U. members, congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and the Standing on the Side of Love movement have been active in the movement.”
The event is open to all members of the 99% who support the movement.
The Rally will also collect supplies urgently needed by Occupy Chicago as it moves into the winter months.  It will be the second collection made by the committee.

Congregational Universalist Church

Participants are asked to bring the following items to the rally, but not to drop them off at the church at other times:
  • non perishable food,
  • canned goods,
  • can openers,
  • tents,
  • sleeping bags,
  • blankets,
  • hand warmers,
  • camp or folding chairs,
  • folding tables,
  • water coolers,
  • paper cups and plates,
  • plastic utensils,
  • paper towels,
  • rooms and dustpan,
  • garbage bags and cans,
  • tarps,
  • camping related goods,
  • used Smartphones or pre-paid cell phones,
  • sed laptops,.
At this time clothing other than socks and gloves is not requested.
Items collected will be brought to the Occupy Chicago in the city.
For further information e-mail Patrick Murfin at pmurfin@sbcglobal.net or call 815 814-5645.


“99% of McHenry County” To Support Occupy Movement — 11 Comments

  1. Nope, no way, nadda, no how will I support that band of Witches, Wiccans etc, Right from their own web page it says “As a free congregation we do not have a creed or doctrine which is required to believe. We have members who are Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, and Atheist, and every possible persuasion. We invite all of them here to follow their path and live a better life.”

    They used to have Witches and Wicca’s listed on their webpage. Our nearby neighbor is a WITCH (REALLY) and has a Labyrinth. What a treat to watch them walk the Labyrinth in their black robes. She attends the Unitarian Universalist Church and is 100% nuts. Is 100% socialist or Communist? Wealth is bad, and they should SHARE. I would expect no less from that “church”

  2. Bunch of nutbag anarchists. Mobs are something real people will NEVER support.

  3. ‘Standing on the Side of Love” means standing with rapists, armed robbers, child molesters, drug dealers and their users, piles of feces, the pervasive smell of urine. It means standing with arsonists, and violent thugs who have the INTENT to bring violence to our cities.

    Yesterday the “occupation” in Oakland “struck” the city, closed the port, and at night rioted, invaded downtown, broke into buildings and started fires.

    Last night, the “occupation” in Seattle attempted to storm a hotel where the CEO of JP Morgan was speaking to affect a “citizens arrest.” That’s leftist code for “lynching.”

    If you assist these people, you will bring this violence to Chicago. And that is what they actually want – violence in our cities.


  4. So this cult is backing those that are trying to further ruin this country. Pray for freezing rain and then fence these lowlifes in and turn the fans on them. Are they also being supported by working parents which is something these do not believe in? This could be an opportunity for the police to find dealers and illegals.

  5. 99%? What 99%? What does that percentage mean? It certainly does not mean that 99% of McHenry County residents support the lawlessness exhibited by the Occupy folks around the country.

    They should be given one opportunity to disperse. Then, off to the pokey.

    Let’s take back our country. As Joyce Shaffer sings, if you don’t like it here, “Let us help you pack.”

  6. I agree with the previous posters. Most of these protesters do not want to work and this is just an excuse to cause civil disobedience. These people are anarchists and social misfits.

    As for this Woodstock Unitarian Universalist Church, I did know the previous “HEADmaster” there being The “REV” Dan Larsen.

    I personally argued with him on several issues primarily his wanting open borders and not wanting police to arrest Mexicans for traffic laws. ( he felt it was a social issue)

    I also wanted to hurl when ever the local media sought out his opinion as a minister. Minister of what, a coven or cult?

    This church does not disavow anything and any behavior was acceptable.

    They openly promoted abortion and same sex marriage and did not respect military personnel.

    Ultra liberal bunch of weirdoes.

  7. I do not support ‘civil disobedience’.

    It’s funny how less than 1% of the “99%” go marching making claims for everyone.

    I belong to a Labor Union (OE), and my fellow union members do NOT support this, and I can guarentee that more than 75% of McHenry County Union Members DO NOT support this. I’m just saying.

    Also, it’s funny how all the protesters are in expensive clothing using iPhones, etc… All those profits go to the 1%!

    To quote Aesop – Persuasion is often more effectual than force. Protesting is stupid.

  8. Go to Michael Moore for all those supplies, he’s a rich big mouth movie director.
    He was in New York and Oakland supporting those law breaking losers scums.

  9. I would guess that most of the people who disdain the “Occupy Wallstreet” movement would support the Tea Baggers either overtly or covertly.

    Toe the line, Republicans. That’s your only move.

  10. It’s funny how everyone who has a job is so quick to accuse unemployed protesters that they are just lazy and don’t want to work.

    Without being unemployed, you don’t actually know how hard it is to find a job. Not to mention that with such high unemployment, employers are able to be overly picky and automatically dismiss anyone who isn’t already employed.

    It’s that same old job experience catch 22 coming back ten fold.

    You can’t get a job unless you already have one.

    You can’t get experience, unless you already have some. But don’t worry about it, you have a job and a good life and thats all that matters right.

    Every month a different corporation lays off hundreds of thousands of workers, leaving even more unemployed with less opportunities, but as long as your turn hasn’t come… yet, why should you care?

    Why should you care if it’s not directly affecting you, right?

    It’s not like this is your country and you want to see it prosper or anything. It’s not like you care that the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which exempts the energy industry from following the clean air and water act and all our groundwater is soon to be too toxic to drink.

    What do you care if Congress won’t even pass Kevin’s law, which gives the FDA the authority to actually regulate the meat packing industry and protect us from the yearly epedemics.

    Why would you care that Citizen’s United vs. FEC decision now allows foreign corporations to contribute unlimited amounts of funds to our political campaigns.

    Why should you care that U.S. citizens have no say in the course of our own country anymore.

    You people need to wake up, the only reason you haven’t is because you are part of the minority that hasn’t been effected yet, so you continue your psycophant leeching to a broken system.

    A system controlled soley by money.

    The proof is in education.

    The reason we did so good up until now is because we use to fund education because any idiot knows that it takes education to promote innovation.

    You need an educated society to understand whats right and whats wrong, what works good and what doesn’t.

    I mean look at you uneducated back water hicks, because you are all too stupid to realize how you’ve been turned into a commodity, and now your trying to destroy any chance we have to break the shackles of debt oppression.

    You all call your self religous and say your good christians, yet you ignore the teachings of the good book.

    All religions teach the same thing, actions should be guided by empathy, yet your all a bunch of selfish pricks.

    This system doesn’t work because it requires that every man and woman must have employment in order to obtain sustenance, but that is impossible, technology has brought us past the point of manual labor.

    We try to fill the gaps creating ridiculous jobs like sign twirlers and tax preparer’s, but creating jobs that don’t serve to actually create anything of value are just draining our economy. In this society we better reward people who make massive profits through unjustified manipulation of someone else’s money, than we reward honorable jobs like teachers and firemen.

    Everything is ass backwards and you are all too happy with your arrogant ignorrance to care that your country is plummeting. Atleast the protesters have the balls to do something about it.

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