Second Verse, Same as the First – Up to Bianchi Now

Zane Seipler

Keith Nygren

The case brought by former Deputy Sheriff and then-candidate for Sheriff Zane Seipler against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren shortly before the Republican primary election is still dragging on.

As I sat through Wednesday’s hearing, the line from Herman Hermits’ 1965 song, “I’m Henry, the VIII, I am.”

Judge Thomas Meyer was asking,

“Am I to assume the State’s Attorney is ‘unable to attend?'”

That was pretty much the way he left the case at the last hearing a bit over two weeks ago.
No one had an answer beyond the February 14, 2011, letter provided by McHenry County State’s Attorney to Seipler’s attorney Blake Horwitz.

So, what’s a judge to do?

Judge Meyer authorized that the attorney’s question Bianchi under oath as to whether he is available to investigate and prosecute Sheriff Nygren.

“Let’s cut to the chase,” the Judge said at one point.

“My actions are guided by the statute. (That’s) the only issue. In light of the fact I have nothing on that issue, I’ll enter (an order) and continue (the case) and allow you to address this issue.”

Earlier, Judge Meyer said, “If…he (State’s Attorney Bianchi) is able to attend, the rest is irrelevant.”

Elsewhere, “That’s the threshold issue I have to address.”

The Judge wanted to know if the Special Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Caldwell was “implicitly or explicitly conceding the issue.”

Sheriff Nygren’s attorney, Mark Gummerson observed that they had “not conceded anything” concerning the State’s Attorney’s availability.”

After the court hearing, Seipler attorney Blake Horwitz explained that the questions he had to ask Bianchi were “very simple questions,” but he declined to reveal them to reporters.

Nygren was sitting in the back of the courtroom. McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler was in attendance, too. Seipler was not.


Second Verse, Same as the First – Up to Bianchi Now — 5 Comments

  1. Things must be getting more serious, if Nygren AND Koehler were in the courtroom today.

    Cal, may I offer this opinion? Mark Gummerson does not represent SHERIFF Nygren. He represents Keith Nygren, an individual. The distinction is important. Judge Meyer ruled last time that Gummerson will not represent Sheriff Keith Nygren in his (the Sheriff’s) official capacity.

    As Nygren’s personal attorney, does he perhaps have nothing really to say about the State’s Attorney’s availability, except for his personal opinion. There is nothing for Gummerson to concede. It’s out of his hands.

    Judge Meyer is doing an excellent job of keeping Seipler’s petition alive, almost in spite of the actions of the attorneys. I wonder if he smells a rat somewhere, even though he says he can only rule according to the law.

  2. Seipler wasn’t there either?

    I thought that this was his case?

    No Bianchi, no Caldwell, no Seipler, then there is no case.

    Eventually the Judge is going to dismiss the case if he doesn’t get the responses he wants from the people he needs to hear from.

    Bianchi is in the same building-why couldn’t he walk over to the courtroom?

    Maybe everyone, including Seipler, is seeing his case fade into the sunset since he can’t even bother to show up. Nygren found the courtroom…..I wonder if the judge has anything else to do to further the cause of justice and law besides this trojan horse?

  3. Come on now. That’s the first time Nygren has shown up to court in months.

    And his office is just down the hall.

    It’s the first time I missed a court date regarding this case.

    I find it interesting that Keith showed up today, the one time I don’t show up.

    I wish I would have been there. I would have liked to say “Hello”.

    He’s always so calm, collected and professional when he’s around me. 🙂

  4. What is the latest finding on what state nygren is a resident of for getting the real estate exemption?

  5. NYGREN KEITH R HOME STATE MORTGAGE GROUP 9/29/2006 Mortgage O L 52,53 BLK 4592 U 69 CAPE CORAL O 0/0 (2006000376324) 2006000376323

    NYGREN KEITH R G & H MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING LLC 9/29/2006 Deed O L 52,53 BLK 4592 U 69 CAPE CORAL 2006000376322

    This issue had been vetted. Sheriff Nygren is a “Home Owner” in Lee County, Florida, however, is a ‘tenant’ of a rental condo in Crystal Lake and is a legally registered voter of McHenry County, and carries an Illinois Driver’s License.

    Therefore, Sheriff Nygren after clearing a previous residency issue, is a perfectly legal “RESIDENT” of McHenry County Illinois

    Remember, “Home Ownership” does NOT make the “Home Owner” a resident of that home or state should the “Home Owner” choose another home, either via ownership/deed or as a ‘tenant’ elsewhere.

    Residency is determined where a person keeps a valid drivers license and or voters registration and a verifyable physical address. (Rented or Owned)

    Something I greatly respect about Sheriff Nygren is that he has made every attempt to correct any previous possible errors and has now appointed a new “Under Sheriff” to help him ‘reboot’ his Department.

    I believe Sheriff Nygren has been earning our respect…….

    I pray we can all move forward during these difficult times for all Americans.

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