Tea Party Protest Outside of Outback Steakhouse Sunday Afternoon

A post on FaceBook from Tonya Franklin, the mother of a waitress fired by Crystal Lake Outback Steakhouse, led to a demonstration at the restaurant Sunday afternoon.

The demonstrators posed in front of Outback Steakhouse in Crystal Lake last night.

Most of the message follows:

Boycott Outback Steakhouse ~ Don’t Tread On Me!

Here's the message: "State of Illinois stated she was Wrongfully Terminated! MAN UP - Outback Steak House."

My daughter was fired from Outback Steakhouse after a customers (husband/wife) got very upset over her wearing this bracelet, the woman kept asking where she got it and what it meant and when my daughter said my mom got it at a TEA Party convention the woman flipped.

Flags were flying in the wind on Route 14 in front of Outback.

“Those were the wrong two words to say to me. The Tea Party is ruining this Country and you need to get yourself educated little girl”.After the woman was finished insulting her she said, “Box up my damn food, get me some more water and while your at it get me your damn manager”.

She sent the owner over and he was at the table for close to 10 mins or longer and then he said he had 2 complaints tonight and that he was letting her go.

He is insisting it isn’t over the bracelet, but she has been with the corporation for several years and a couple of transfers.

No one ever requested she not wear it.

I for one am boycotting Outback forever.

I also used to bartend for them back in the day.

BTW I just ordered 400 more of these bracelets and they say “Don’t Tread On Tea”.

Now a 3-4 yr work history, 2 Carraba’s locations and an Outback reference down the drain.

And a report about the demonstration:

"Fired for a bracelet. HONK 4 Free Speech," the sign says.

“The event at Outback Steakhouse was a huge success.

“There were about 60-75 people there at it’s peak; I’d say about 45-50 people were there the whole time, 4:30-6:30.

“We were in the Outback parking lot for awhile, and the other half of the people on Rte. 14, then the police came about 5:15 and politely asked us to stand out on the easement on Rte. 14.

“CONSTANT honking of horns throughout the evening!

“The Northwest Herald came and interviewed the fired employee, and took pictures.

“Meghan has a document from the State of Illinois that states that she was wrongly fired.”

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Posted Monday night:  Outback Steakhouse management sent an email to a protestor late Monday.  You can find it here.


Tea Party Protest Outside of Outback Steakhouse Sunday Afternoon — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks Patriots for standing up! God Bless you for coming out and taking the time from your families on a cold and very windy Saturday evening for a young lady that many of you had not even met before.

    Some long-time friends as well! Inspiring to say the very least. Honored that a Purple Heart recipient was amongst us.
    Free speech is alive and not well in Crystal Lake, IL

    Patriots will remedy that!

  2. Glad to see people will stand up for what is right.

    The person fired stated the customer grabbed her arm..

    That is an assault.

    I think the actions of the customer speak volumes about what she and those who share her political views REALLY believe in. Rudeness, violence and intimidation.

    All hallmarks of self righteous leftist liberals.

    I saw these characteristics in Madison, Wi, and now we see them in Crystal Lake, Il.

    The teapartiers, on the other hand behaved in a polite, orderly way.

    Yet most of the MSM would have you believe its the other way around.

    WAKE UP, AMERICANS, and stop letting rude, violent people like this woman customer get away with it!


  3. Hurrah for all of them! Had I known about this I would have brought my huge yellow flag and stood with them. Liberals are ALWAYS rude; and that woman had no business calling her server little girl. I say boycott stupid people that think they are better than everyone else. THOSE are the people that have ruined this country.

  4. How about a photo of the bracelet? On what date was she fired? Why was she fired, according to Outback? How about the name of the waitress? And, while we’re at it, the names of the customers? I’ll bet there is more to this story.

  5. I don’t care about Outback. They don’t have good steak and the environment is terrible.

    I say let them go to hell.

  6. I wish I would have known, my company did the same thing to me over the last yr.

    I was injured on the job and and the company decided not to take me back under my work restrictions even though they had positions I was able to do.

    So I filed a retaliatory, disability claim against them it is in the works as I write this message.

    These company and corporations are very arrogant and think they can get away with throwing employees out like rotted vegetables. They will be responsible and pay one way or another!!!!

  7. Also, make sure you find the best Labor Law Attorney like I have.

    Make sure it is all the do, and, only do it on Commision basis….

  8. Sally and Cindy, you are so right! Tea partiers are always so polite and orderly! Did you see how rude that woman was who sat there and listened as Joe Walsh politely and orderly screamed in her face and wouldn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise?

  9. jacksprat? Joe Walsh is NOT the tea party. He was irritated and trying to get his point across without being interrupted. What’s wrong with that? You are throwing strawman arguments out there but they aren’t even good strawmen!

  10. anonymous: Overreaction on BOTH sides?

    No, just on Gary Lockwood’s side. He was wrong, the IL Dept of Employment Security agrees.

    He never wrote her up.

    Never told her to remove the bracelet, it wasn’t a problem until some over reacting beligerant customer came in, who hates the tea party.

    The bracelet has the quote “Don’t Tread on Me” a phrase on America’s first flags, and the phrase on the US Navy’s Navy Jack Flag.

    This isn’t over … far from it.

  11. Your daughter can enroll in LegalShield and get advice from a top rated Illinois law firm right away for this atrocity of her civil rights. While I am not licensed in IL, I can certainly refer you to an associate that is. Feel free to email me at sschwartzer@legalshield.com

  12. The lunatic is on the grass
    The lunatic is on the grass
    Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
    Got to keep the loonies on the path

  13. Now wouldn’t it be special if that miserable customer had a Tea Party protest show up in her front of her house???

    Sounds like a tactic the left would employ?

    I’m sure they paid with a credit card and don’t we all have the right to know who is accusing us of any wrongdoing?

  14. Personally I hope they fired her because she is a teabaglican.

    I’m sick and tired of having to pretend that teabaggers are the equal of intelligent and rational people.

  15. I want to thank the management for firing this tea party freak, who harassed patrons with right wing speech and propaganda.

    She deserved the firing, and Tea baggers just need to shut up in society.

    The rest of us arent interested in your hate and your lies, especially when WE are paying for the meal!

  16. Hooray for OutBack!

    It is their business and they were correct in making sure that customers weren’t bothered by extremists from either side.

    A liberal who loves the tea party for what they are doing to republican chances for the next election!

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