Walsh Hits Huntley, Skinners Hit Fox River Grove

I don't drink wine, but the food at this $25 Norge Ski Club fund raiser was so,so good.

Saturday afternoon while Congressman Joe Walsh was holding a Town Hall Meeting at the Village Inn Restaurant in Huntley, my wife and I were enjoying some great food at the Norge Ski Training Center’s Wine Tasting Party.

One of the four wine stations Cardinal Liquor set up for the Norge Ski Club fund raising event.

OK.  She liked the wine, too.

Some of the young jumpers demonstrated their prowess, but the wind was blowing so hard the ski jump was swaying back and forth enough that their coach called a halt to the activity after two rounds of jumps.

The young men perfomed after dark and there wasn't enough lilght to catch their 40-60 MPH jumps.

And, unfortunately, it was too dark for my camera to catch the action.

One of the young men who jumped came inside and mixed with the crowd.

So, you’ll just have to look at the mast head of McHenry County Blog to get an idea what was going on.

Meanwhile, as I was frothing about the four $16,000 Virginia Street TIF project pillars to those from Crystal Lake, Congressman Joe Walsh was having his second public appearance (the first being earlier in Oswego) in Huntley at the Village Inn Restaurant.

People filled the Huntley Village Restaurant for Congressman Joe Walsh's Town Hall Meeting Saturday afternoon. Photo credit: First Electric Newspaper.

Both the First Electric Newspaper and Algonquin/Huntley Patch covered the event.

First Electric Newspaper’s Pete Gonigam wrote this about Walsh’s appearance:

“”‘Yeah, I lost my temper,’ said Walsh.  ‘I’ve done it before.  I’ll probably do it again.’ Walsh told the Sun City-heavy crowd he apologized for being angry but, in a Barry Goldwaterish vein, he said he had a lot to be angry about.”

The room was full, as one can see in a photo from Patch, which reported this about how Walsh handled the video:

“‘Alright, please pay attention; I don’t want to lose my temper’” quipped Walsh, whose recent heated exchange with a constituent has gone viral on the web. Walsh’s remarks drew laughs from the capacity crowd…

“‘I came here because of the way (Walsh) talks,’ Huntley resident [Frank Briguglio] said. ‘He says it like it is.’”

Briguglio is 80 and was attending his first political meeting.

Walsh noted that the Republican Establishment will back Randy Hultgren, if the Democrats’ reapportionment map is not overturned, noting that that GOP Establishment doesn’t control his vote.

The Norge crowd was tasting and talking.

Meanwhile, after Walsh was home with his wife Helene, the ski lodge full of people in Fox River Grove were “tasting” Crystal Lake’s Cardinal Liquor’s wine.

The live auction participants competed for trees, a night on the town in Chicago, and other high end goodies.

Auctions, silent and live, were held.

" Save Water. Drink Wine." That's the message of this woman's sweater. And for most Saturday afternoon and night.

And good deals were available at both auctions.


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  1. Come on Cal!!!

    Everybody I talk to here in Galena asks me, “Hey ‘Batman,’ where is Skinner this weekend???”

    Or, is Skin’s and that beautiful wife he somehow, only god knows how, he got to marrry him, going to be here this weekend?

    (That’s right, Cal already has a local “Nick”…… it’s’Skin’s!’)

    Cal is actually quickly becoming a local celebrity at all the local Wine Tasting Party’s!!

    Don’t worry Cal, I keep the light on for ya!

    Just came home from Galena Wine Cellar’s with a new bottle of “Peach Wine!” Lord only knows what comment I might post about two hours from now???


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