Danielle Rowe in Crystal Lake Sunday Supporting Fired Outback Steakhouse Waitress

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe:

Rowe Stands with Megan Gellar, Calls on Crystal Lake Outback Steakhouse to Reinstate Her

Former Outback Steakhouse waitress Megan Geller, Danielle Rowe and Megan's mom, Tonya Franklin.

(Crystal Lake, Illinois) – Conservative Republican, Tea Party candidate for State Representative Danielle Rowe today called on the Outback Steakhouse in Crystal Lake to reinstate waitress Megan Gellar after Ms. Gellar was terminated from her job for wearing a bracelet with the inscription, “Don’t Tread on Me”.

“Megan is a thoughtful young woman who was wearing a bracelet in support of her brother, a United States Marine,” said Danielle Rowe, Candidate for State Representative, 52nd District.

“Outback Steakhouse at the national level has been a great supporter of our military men and women.

“I cannot imagine the corporate leadership of Outback would support Ms. Gellar’s termination if they were aware of the circumstances.”

Rowe attended a rally in support of Ms. Gellar and has been in contact with her.

“I want to thank Danielle Rowe and all those involved who have stood up for me in the wake of this incident,” said Gellar.

Megan Geller and Danielle Rowe hold flags blowing strongly in the wind Sunday night.

“I really appreciate the concern and support I have received from so many. Our military puts their life on the line each and every day for us and I will do the same for them. I may not be overseas fighting but I am here fighting for what they protect, our freedom.”

According to Ms. Gellar who was interviewed on WLS-AM 890 radio this morning, patrons she was waiting on complained about her bracelet to her, made disparaging remarks about the Tea Party movement, and, despite Ms. Gellar’s unwillingness to get into a political discussion saying “it was not the appropriate time or place,” the patrons complained to one of the managers who terminated Ms. Gellar’s employment on the spot.

Rowe pointed out that the Gadsden Flag, off which the bracelet Ms. Gellar was wearing is based, was the first flag carried into battle by the United State Marine Corps during the American Revolution.

“I don’t like to see people bullied, much less terminated from their job during these difficult economic times because of their political views,” continued Rowe.

“It’s not right. Frankly, it’s not American.”


Danielle Rowe in Crystal Lake Sunday Supporting Fired Outback Steakhouse Waitress — 9 Comments

  1. This is ridiculous. She says she was fired because of the bracelet, and Outback says she was fired because she provided lousy service, and had multiple complaints lodged against her that evening that had nothing to do with the bracelet, and the reacted hostilely towards her boss. To me, the tea party is totally ignoring the other side of the story.

  2. She will be getting unemployment benefits.

    She would not have gotten them if fired for work related complaints.

  3. Jack? Because they are lying? (Very good reason to “ignore” that side of the story.)

  4. Cindy, brilliant comeback… How do we know who is lying in this situation? Where is your proof? I haven’t seen enough proof to call it one way or another. Quite honestly, I don’t really care.

    I guess your next post will be to call me a moron.

  5. No more than a matter of “he says”…”she says”. The public doesn’y really know what this is about.

    This is a matter that should stay between the employer and the employee. I believe the management at Outback has a responsibility to remain quiet on this personell matter.

  6. Check out nwherald.com and Kevin Lyons editorial today if you want to really know the truth!!!!

  7. interesting on how Megan Geller and her mom keep changing their stories as they think it might sound better. Read the first interviews on this with the mom, and the first interviews with the “protesters” (who really could use a lesson on the Constitution – this isn’t a “Freedom of Speech” issue unless Outback Steakhouse is suddenly a government entity).

    First of all, politics never belong in the work environment, and Illinois is an at will state as far as employment goes, anyway.

    The mom is insane – her daughter is 23, and she rattles on and on about what she, as the “mama” is going to do?

    Danielle Rowe needs to read the constitution. OMG, does she REALLY not know how the First Amendment reads? really? how frightening. and they even have SIGNS that talk about free speech. what I joke. Cal, I am surprised you even posted THAT one, knowing how stupid it makes them look.

  8. This is a really super important story about something totally made up. wait..a … minute?

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