McSweeney’s Effort to Dampen Contributions to Opponents

David McSweeney

State Rep. candidate David McSweeney did something that might seem strange on the surface.

He released the results of a 300-person poll to a publication that costs about $300 a year.

That’s Rick Miller’s Capitol Fax.

Although most people probably receive it via computer now, it was designed to provide inside information about Illinois politics.

So yesterday, the McSweeney campaign released the survey results exclusively to Capitol Fax.


McSweeney wasn’t interested in voters reading that he was way ahead of appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney.

He wanted to tell potential Kent Gaffney contributors–those who run Political Action Committees and others who write checks right out of their corporate treasuries–that he was beating the pants off Gaffney and that future contributions to Gaffney would be both

  • a waste of money and
  • remembered by McSweeney when he took office.

Not a bad strategy.

Attempted intimidation, of course, but this is the stage of the campaign.

If you can keep people off the ballot by convincing them they can’t win, that’s as good as beating them at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, Danielle Rowe was in Crystal Lake Sunday afternoon for the Tea Party demonstration against Outback Steakhouse.


McSweeney’s Effort to Dampen Contributions to Opponents — 5 Comments

  1. Here is a different theory. McSweeney is scared.

    Think about it, the guy ran for congress working to get elected for like 4 years and spent millions on name ID.

    Then because he wants to be an elected official at all costs he runs for State Rep.

    He has to have spent at least $100,000 plus to date on the State Rep gig. 27%?

    Are you kidding me?

    I think the guy has peaked and is desparate to push people around or out of the race.

  2. Speaking of insiders, the legislative staffer above sounds very defensive about Gaffney. I’m sure “Strattons Ghost” spends plenty of time in the Stratton Building surfing political blogs.

    If it wasn’t for those taxpayer funded mailers, Gaffney would be tied with Rowe.

    Let’s see if Gaffney’s tax-eater coalition can get poor Kent off the ground.

  3. Tipsy52,

    I realize you are obsessed with people that work on behalf of Rep. Gaffney. The Stratton name that I use is in reference to history, specifically Gov. Stratton’s influence in the McHenry area. You should go see some of the dam’s in the county and report back. Your inability to understand what I am talking about is the reason your candidate will lose. Hey, go spend another $100K with big banks money and David might get to 35%.

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